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9 Beauty Things You Can Add To Your Post-Quarantine Checklist

9 Beauty Things You Can Add To Your Post-Quarantine Checklist

It feels like day 612343 of quarantine and I’ve achieved a total of zero things I was hoping to do. And I’m sure that I ain’t the only one. With more and more cases of coronavirus being detected all around the world, we’re all trapped in our homes and don’t have much to do.

PS: Stay home, stay safe, y’all!

While we are praying that this horrid situation goes away as soon as possible, we all have a mental checklist of things we’re gonna do, right? Here are a few makeup looks and experiments you should try once the quarantine period is over.

Here’s A Beauty-full Post-Coronavirus Checklist

Nope, not stating the obvious, we’re all going to rush to the parlour for our hair removal appointments. Here are some OTHER fun things you can do!

Bring Your Own Rainbow


Plixxo blogger, Debasree really nails the bright eye makeup look! Remember how you always wanted to play with colours and sport a new eye look every day. Well, now is the time to practice and become a makeup pro! Play with different shades every day, think out of the box.

When this coronavirus-quarantine-life is over, you can rock a bright and bubbly eye makeup look every day!

Invest In Quality Tools


Having great, healthy skin is something we all dream about and investing in good quality beauty tools is one way to do it. Even actresses and supermodels agree. Facial rollers, massagers, Gua Sha, derma rollers; add them to your cart when you can.

Even if you don’t have any beauty tools on hand right now, use your fingers to give yourself a nice facial massage. Make it a habit to spend 10-20 minutes a day of self-care and by the time this quarantine is over, you’ll be all set to take this habit to the next (jade-rolling) level!


Prepare For Smokey Eye Season

If playing with colour and having the rainbow on your lids is not your thing, you can try a smokey eye instead. Spruce it up a little by trying to do it in colour instead of black and brown. Try doing a blue smokey eye instead of a basic brown/black one.

This is the perfect time to practice your smokey eye looks. With nowhere to go and nothing better to do, the more you practice the faster you can ace the look when smokey eye season’s back!😉

Try A Wild Manicure


We bet that most of you have cut off your nails and gotten rid of your gel manicures, thanks to coronavirus. And if you haven’t, please CUT your nails, RIGHT NOW!

Screenshot all those #ManicureInspos you’ve been saving on the ‘Gram and prepare to *nail* it. If you’re feeling rather wild and impatient until the salons open again, you can attempt a DIY manicure too.

Sport A Full Face Of Glam

Spent all your pre-corona time being au natural and sporting the no-makeup look? Well, here’s an idea for your post-corona life, be as EXTRAA as you want and sport a full face of makeup. You’ll feel good it’s an easy way to give yourself a makeover.

*The old me can’t come to the phone right now. Why? ‘Coz I left her behind!” 😉

Get A Hair Transformation


Since our lives are pretty dull RN, we totally understand the urge to chop your hair off or do something wildly different with it. Here’s an idea you can explore – dye your hair a fun colour! Blue, pink, green- sky’s the limit!

Switch Up Your Lipsticks


Replace your nude lipstick with a darker one and channel your inner goth. It’s an easy way to change the way you look without doing anything too drastic. After all, life’s too short to not experiment!

Chop Off Those Locks


If you feel like a whole new person post-quarantine, allow your looks to convey the same. And what better way to have a drastic haircut?!

Get A Tattoo

If you’ve been thinking about getting inked for ages now, do it! If there’s anything we’ve all realised during this quarantine period is that anything can happen and you really only live once. So do what makes you happy! 

Just a small tip before you head out and get a tattoo – make sure it means something to you. Ask yourself if this is something you would want to see 5, 10 even 15 years later. If the answer is yes, then by all means – go for it!

What’s on your post-coronavirus to-do list? We’d love to know!

Featured Image: Instagram

30 Mar 2020

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