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Hair Flip Ready In 30: Here’s How You Can Treat Your Mane To An At-Home Hair Spa

Hair Flip Ready In 30: Here’s How You Can Treat Your Mane To An At-Home Hair Spa

Its time to treat yourselves at home ‘coz seriously, what else would you do? The first thing that comes in our mind when we think about a ‘relaxing experience’ is pampering ourselves the whole day at the spa. Body and hair spa; don’t we just love getting extensive spa treatments? After all, we do deserve it after a hard-working day. But, won’t it be just easier if the spa could come to us? Duh!

Let’s make that possible today. Here’s how you can have an amazing hair spa experience in your jammies, from the comfort of your home!

Have An Amazing Hair-Spa Experience At Home And Save $$$


Don’t you believe that our mood is directly proportional to how our hair is behaving? Don’t let the coronavirus boredom get to you. On a good hair day, we’re feeling the vibe but on a bad hair day, everyone should keep an arm’s distance. Having a hair spa is the answer to all our hair problems and we all love a good hair spa session, don’t we? For those few minutes, all our worries can go to hell ‘coz we know amazing hair awaits us. And if you don’t have a “How dare you? Tumhara koi haq nahi banta… ki tum itnii khoobsurat lago… Not fair!” moment after a successful hair spa session, what are you even doing in your life?!



Time to have an amazing hair spa experience at your home. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Hair oil

– Hot towel

– Steamer

– Essential oils (choose specific oils to treat specific hair issue)

Oil That Mane


Microwave some hair oil for a minute and apply it on your roots, all the way to the end. Massage well for five minutes. This will not only make you relax but will also stimulate hair growth.

#ProTip: Add a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil in your oil if you suffer from dandruff or hair fall respectively.

Steam It Up

Okay, it’s getting hot in here.

Take a towel, dip it in warm water, squeeze out the extra and wrap it around your head. Keep it on for ten minutes as it will allow the oil to penetrate even deeper onto the scalp. Or if you have a steamer, pull it out and give your hair some heat.

Wash It Off

Get up and wash your hair. Make sure you use a mild, sulphate free shampoo to wash your hair. Also, stray away from hot or lukewarm water and choose cold water to wash your mane. It’ll keep your hair shiny and healthy, plus no breakage of hair follicles.


Use A Hair Conditioner


After washing, use a generous amount of hair conditioner in your hair. It’ll help keep your hair manageable and silky.

Time To Mask


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Ready for some hair flips?💁🏻‍♀️ . Assistant editor @nidhikavle learnt this trick from a salon. Add a spoonfull of oil to any hair mask or conditioner and apply from lengths to tips. Let it sink in for an hour or so while you finish your chores. Wash off with regular shampoo and skip conditioner. Argan or Jojoba works best to soften the hair. . Pro tip: give your hair a steam or if u dont have a steamer, use a blow drier on high heat setting and run it along your hair. this will make sure the mask and oil penetrate deeper and soften the hair . rinse off normally after and you can skip conditioning. . . #popxobeautytips #popxobeautylab #beautyhacks #hairhacks #diy #hairtips #hairconditioner #popxodiy

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Either use a DIY hair mask or one from the store and let it sit for at least 30 mins. You chill, catch on some shows online while the mask works its magic.

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Wash Your Hair, Again


Using just cold water, wash off the hair mask from thy hair. Don’t use shampoo as you do not want the *goodness* of everything we’ve used so far to wash away.

Let It Dry


Use a towel to squeeze out the excess water and let your hair dry naturally. Once it’s fairly dry, use hair serum on your hair strands and you’re done. Comb your hair after your hair is completely dried up, and channelize your inner Poo!

Bad hair days, not anymore!

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24 Mar 2020

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