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21 Cool Google Tricks 2022 – Do A Barrel Roll 20 Times & Google Search Games

Google has changed our lives forever, hasn’t it? It’s kinda hard to imagine a world where Google does not exist. And this Einstein of search engines is also sneaky AF! Here are 18 Google tricks you need to try right away! We bet you are gonna love these!

Google Tricks (Google Search Games) To Try In Your Free Time!

Google can be used for a lot more than just searching for random stuff, it can also be used to kill time! So check out some cool Google tricks & search games like google gravity, barrel roll the next time you have some extra time on your hands!

P.S.: Make sure to check ‘Never show instant results’ in your Google Search settings first!

Trick 1: Do A Barrel Roll (Do a Barrel Roll 20 times & 10 times)

To try do a barrel roll trick – Go to the Google homepage. Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and hit enter. Watch your screen go tumble down dee! If you’re in the mood for some extra fun, type ‘do a barel roll 10 times’,  ‘do a barrel roll 20 times’, ‘do a barrel roll 100 times’, and watch your screen go bonkers!

barrel roll trick -google tricks games

Trick 2: Google Gravity

Watch the homepage come crashing down with this trick. Go to the Google homepage and type ‘Google gravity’. Ignore the autosuggestions and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’. You can also throw the pieces around using your mouse! Google tricks like Google gravity make sure that you never run out of things to do!

Google gravity - Cool Google Tricks

Big Answers to Mind-Bending Questions
When you know cool google tricks, you can’t resist yourself from trying them. Search for the answers of big questions like answer to life or answer to the universe and you will be amazed to see the answer.


Trick 3: Thanos (Google Trick)

The google tricks for fun are a fresh breath of air when you are bored online. This google trick will be loved by marvel fans. Just type Thanos in the search box, and you will see the magic when you touch the gauntlet, it will give you the glimpse of the marvel movie. Find out more google search game tricks.

Trick 4: Google Sky

If you get excited by constellations and galaxies, this google trick (google search game) will be fun for you. You should surely add this to your google tricks list. Just type google sky and click on google sky link, you will visit the space and learn about celestial objects, stars etc.

Trick 5: Joey Tribianni (Google Search Game)

 If you’re a FRIENDS fan you are going to love this. Just type Joey Tribianni and you will get wikipedia information about him in the right corner. Just click on the pizza icon in the description box and you will experience Joey coming alive out of nowhere.

Trick 6: Play Pacman (Google Trick Game)

Pacman is a game everyone loves, right? Here’s how to play it on your browser. On the Google homepage type ‘Pacman’ and hit enter. Click on ‘Click here to play’ and you are done! Tadaa! One of the cool Google tricks (google search game) that we absolutely love, this one is super fun too!

Pacman google game -Best Cool Google Tricks

Trick 7: You Can Go And Play With Any Of The Google Doodles!

Think you miss a doodle you loved. You can actually go back and play with any of the Google doodles Google has ever made! Now these are some Google trick games that we all love! Click here to see them all.

google doodles - Google Search Games

Trick 8: Atari Breakout – Google Search Game

The images in your Google search can actually transform into a block breaker game! Go to the Google homepage and type ‘Atari breakout’. Then go to images and click on the first image. Viola! Your game will start! You’re totally loving these cool Google tricks (google search game, aren’t you?

Atari-Cool google tricks

Trick 9: Flip A Coin

For all the times that you do not have a coin and you need to flip one, use this trick. Go to the Google homepage, type ‘Flip a coin’ and press enter. What better way to toss a coin? Fancy some more Google tricks games (google search game) to have up your sleeve?

Flip coin trick - Cool Google Tricks

Trick 10: Zerg Rush

As soon as you type zerg rush in Google search, a row of zeros will hit your screen. Click on them to destroy them, because if you don’t they will eat up all of your search results! *Wicked*


Do read on to check out more cool Google tricks (google search game)!

zerg rush - google search games

Trick 11: Google Sphere – Google Trick Game

On the Google homepage type ‘Google sphere’ and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’. In a couple of seconds the constituents of the page will take the shape of a moving sphere! Now this is one of the Google tricks (google search game)that we absolutely love!

Google Sphere - Cool Google Tricks


Trick 12: Google Pirate

You like pirates, aye, matey? This one is so cool! Go to the Google homepage, type ‘Google pirate’ and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’. Google will start displaying everything in pirate dialect. Check out the pink outlined portion in the image. Now these are the cool Google tricks that make the search engine so awesome to use!

google pirate trick -best google tricks games

Trick 13: Google Mirror

Turn everything into a mirror image. Go to the Google homepage, type ‘Google mirror’ and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’. Mirror mirror on the browser, who is the sneakiest of them all? Could Google get any better with its cool google tricks?

google mirror tricks - google tricks games


Trick 14: The Walk To Mordor – Google Trick

walk to mordor - Cool Google Tricks

Now this one is for all the fans of Lord Of The Rings. Simply open Google Maps and type to get directions from ‘The Shire’ or ‘Rivendell’ to ‘Mordor’, and Google will give you a route (Complete with warning signs, mind you!)

Trick 15: Speak Klingon

Google Speak klingon - Cool Google Tricks

For all the Star Trek fans out there, Google has a Klingon version that you can take a look at when you have some time on your hands, even if you don’t get a single thing it says!

Trick 16: Google Askew

Google askew trick - Best Cool Google Tricks

Yet another one of the cool Google tricks for you to try, typing ‘askew’ in your Google search bar will kind of tilt on its own. The same will happen if you type ‘tilt’ in your search engine!

Trick 17: Customise Google With Your Name

Customise Google with your name trick - Google Search Games

If you’ve ever wanted to customise Google with your name, then the search engine has a trick for that too! Simply type ‘Goglogo’ in your Google search bar and click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’. Now if you enter your name into the ‘Goglogo’ search box then you will have a customised Google homepage in your name!


Trick 18: Slay Some Dragons – Google Trick

slay some dragons trick - Cool Google Tricks

Now this Google trick is for Google spreadsheets. Press the combination of ‘Shift’ and ‘F12’ and you will be rewarded with dragons that you would have slayed!

Now you know what Google homepage tricks you have to worry about the next time you find some extra time on your hands!

Trick 19: Anagram

Anagram is also one popular and fun google trick you would love to know about. So, when you type the word ‘Anagram’ on google, the search engine asks you in response by asking you “Did you mean nag a ram?”  An anagram is a phrase or word created out of rearranging letters of another word. For example, silent is a re-arranged form of the word listen.

Trick 20: Kerning

Kerning is another amazing google trick that means space between individual characters. To try testing this superb google trick, search the word ‘kerning’ and scroll down to see each time the word appears in the searches, there’s a slight change between the characters.


Trick 21: Smarty Pins(Google Search Game)

Smarty Pins is one of the most fantastic google search games based on geography. The game is all about asking questions about places around the world. And you answer by placing the marker on google maps. The first step you do in this game is to choose a subject of your choices such as science, culture, geography, entertainment, and more. The interesting part of this game is that after answering five questions, you get an award!

Trick 22: Quick Draw( Google Search Game)

Another google search game is Quick Draw. In this game, google asks the user to draw anything on the page and the google network tried to identify the doodling. The fun part is that while you draw, google keeps on guessing the doodle and it’s quite fun to watch!

Hope you enjoyed knowing about some amazing google tricks such as how to do a barrel roll, Askew, and games such as quick draw. So, fam, try these and have fun now!

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