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‘Cooking’ Your Concealer Is Actually A Thing & Here’s Why It’s Awesome!

‘Cooking’ Your Concealer Is Actually A Thing & Here’s Why It’s Awesome!




If there’s one makeup product that I can’t break up with, it has got to be my concealer. In fact, I’d choose just concealer, lip balm and mascara, to a face full of makeup any day! I like using concealer just on the spots and the undereye area. That makes me use less product and prevents the risk of clogging my pores too.

While concealer is great, it’s not perfect. If you blend the product too quickly, it disappears instantly! In fact, no matter how much product you use, you can still see a faint sight of your blemish underneath the makeup and that kinda defeats the purpose of using a concealer! You may even try to tap the concealer on and carefully use your beauty sponge to blend it, but the blemish will still peek through. Adding another layer won’t solve the problem either. But we’ve got a hack that can actually do the job for you.

‘Cooking’ Your Concealer Is Apparently A Thing & Here’s Why You Should Try It



This makeup trick is insanely simple and effective too! It’s called ‘cooking’ and it requires you to wait for 2-3 minutes and once the concealer is semi-dry, you can go ahead and blend it. Trust me, your concealer won’t disappear and will, in fact, stay on for longer hours. It’s a popular trick done by drag queens and TikTok beauty influencers to make their concealers stay on for longer.

Remember the time when TikTok Queen, Mikay Lanogueira, performed magic on her acne and scars by doing this concealer trick? After applying her concealer and waiting for 2 minutes, she then applies foundation over it. In the case with drag queens, most of them keep their concealer on for 20-30 minutes. However, this concealer trick is as effective when it’s done for 2-3 minutes too. Timing is everything. Remember, the concealer needs to be semi-dry while blending for that flawless finish. 


If you have oily skin or you’re living in a city where the climate is humid 24/7, the sweat can make your makeup melt. In this case, dust some setting powder over the concealer to prevent it from budging.

Once you ace this trick, you will never have to use that ‘skin smoothening’ filter effect ever again. Plus, you end up using less product too. Which is amazing for your skin ‘coz no more clogged pores! 

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13 Jul 2020

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