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How To Convince Your Parents That He *Is* Right For You

How To Convince Your Parents That He *Is* Right For You

Convincing your parents that you have found “the one” isn’t exactly as easy as it should be – they could think that they know better or that you aren’t sure enough to know what you’re talking about. We think that if you really believe he’s the right guy, you should speak up – and here are 9 top tips to help you out!

1. Speak Up!

You’re going to have to gain the courage to talk to you parents about your guy to let them know that he is the one for you; after all no one knows your love story better than you – so you’re the best girl for the job!

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2. Answer All Of Their Questions

Be prepared to have a lot of questions thrown your way and to answer them. Don’t get defensive or put off by the questions – they care about you and your future that’s why they’re asking.

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3. Meet The Parents

Set up a time for him to meet your parents, maybe over a casual dinner or when you have other friends around to make it easier.

convincing your parents

4. One On One Time

If your guy has already met your parents and is fairly comfortable with them, then allow them to spend some time with him alone to get to know him better. If he truly is the right guy then he won’t mind doing this at all.

5. Meet His Parents!

Knowing that you have met his parents might ease your parents into accepting that he is the right guy, and may help you when you’re trying to talk to them.

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6. Share That He Cares!

Let your parents know about all the things he does that make you feel amazing and why you think that he is the one – after all these things are probably what convinced you in the first place, so it may help them to know he treats you like a princess too!

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7. Don’t Back Down

You might have to be pretty insistent about getting your point across, especially if your parents are on the more conservative side of things, but that’s okay. If it’s really important to you, then you gotta go for it, girl!

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8. The Others…

If the discussion about meeting other people comes about, and your boyfriend is okay with it, meet them. It may sound counter-productive, but it could be just what your parents need to see to make them believe that there is no other guy out there who’s better suited for you.

9. Heart Vs Brain

Explain that the compatibility between you two goes beyond the fact that you are in love. Tell them what sort of questions you asked yourself when you were deciding that he was the right guy for you and make them understand it on a practical level too!

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05 May 2016

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