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#IceBreakers: How To Get To Know A Guy Better

Talking to a guy you’re interested in can be quite nerve-wracking sometimes. After all, what do you say that a) makes you sound interesting; AND b) reveals stuff about him? So it’s not surprising, really, that we sometimes get stuck on the “Hi, wassup” and “Not much” routine, which is both uninspiring and uninteresting! That’s why, to save you from those awkward silences – whether it’s on a first date, when you’re chatting with someone on a dating app, or just the cute guy you bumped into at a party – we’ve put together some GREAT icebreakers to get the ball rolling. Trust us, these are super lines to kick-start a conversation that will DEFINITELY help you get to know him better!

1. The silly superhero quiz, because everyone has a favourite superhero!

What’s your favourite superhero film?

Who is your favourite superhero?

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

conversation starters

2. Talk animals. Love them or hate them, you MUST talk about them.

Are you an animal person?

Dog person or a cat person?

What would you like having as a pet?

conversation starters

3. Ever known anyone who hates watching movies? We don’t either.

What is your favourite movie/TV series?

Who’s your favourite actor/ actress?

conversation starters

4. Books/ Movies. All of us have a favourite.

Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?

Any books you’d like to recommend?

conversation starters

5.The ‘would you rather’ series of questions…

It’s a silly old game, which, by the way, works wonders! Find out whether they would rather be rich or be able to fly. Or would he rather be able to travel all over the world or live in his favourite city forever. Feel free to invent your own questions along the way, and you’re sure to learn plenty of things about one another!

conversation starters

6. Music. You HAVE to know if they’re more punk, pop, rock or jazz!

What kind of music are you into?

Your favourite band/singer?

Have you ever tried playing an instrument?

conversation starters

7. Throw in a compliment or two! Always helps. 🙂

What cologne are you wearing? Smells amazing!

That colour looks great on you! It’s actually one of my favourite colours.

conversation starters

Lest you throng him with questions ONLY, mix it up and throw in things about yourself as well!

  1. “I’ve heard great things about this place. Glad we decided to come here.” 🙂
  2. “I’m an absolute fan of xxxxx cuisine.”
  3. “I just started watching this great new TV show. Have you heard about it?”
  4. “I can’t wait for xxxxx band to play live in the city! I’m such a huge fan.”
  5. “My pet (be it a cat or a dog) did the stupidest thing the other day…”
  6. Add a fun story about work/college.
  7. And if it’s been smooth sailing so far: “I’ve heard great things about this latest movie! You wanna go see it together?” 😉

While these will make for great conversation starters, do remember to keep things organic and just go with the flow!

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06 May 2016

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