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The Couch Never Lies: 7 Koffee With Karan Controversies That Left Us Gasping For Air!

The Couch Never Lies: 7 Koffee With Karan Controversies That Left Us Gasping For Air!

You may or may not be a fan of Koffee With Karan but when a controversy is born out of a celeb’s statement made on that couch, everybody hears about it. The whole nation gets to know about the secrets stars reveal after a few shots of coffee. Celebrity guests mostly end up revealing a lot more than they should on national television as they are friends with Karan Johar and there’s no denying that he’s a smooth talker. More than headlines, these revelations become controversies. So much so that Koffee With Karan‘s upcoming season 6 is attracting controversies before its release. There were a lot of speculations about who will be sharing the couch with whom but Karan Johar took to his Twitter to deny all rumours. 

The show survives on bitchy comments and mean revelations. Here are a few latest KWK episodes that irked controversies and raised the TRPs of the channel faster than you raise your glass!

1. The one with the nepotism debate

One of the longest and most popular debates India has ever witnessed has been about nepotism in Bollywood. It all started with Kangana Ranaut calling Karan Johar “the flag bearer of nepotism” in the Indian film industry and since then, it has become an ongoing discussion. Rather the debate has divided Bollywood itself into two sections and has highlighted other actors who benefitted by the culture.   

kangana ranaut on koffee with karan

2. The one with Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan 

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan joined Karan Johar on the couch to promote their film Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Karan shocked Alia by revealing that he lies to actors about their performances and in the same episode, Alia was gifted a vibrator by Varun Dhawan.

3. The one where Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about Ranbir’s exes

While Kareena was pregnant with Taimur, she came on the show with Sonam Kapoor. When she was asked what she would do when stuck in an elevator with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, she chose to kill herself. 

kareena kapoor khan on koffee with karan

4. The one where Shahid-Mira made KJo uncomfortable

In the episode when Shahid Kapoor was joined by her darling wife Mira, Shahid and Mira’s PDA on the sets was so over the top that it made the host Karan Johar uncomfortable. However, in turn, Mira accused Karan of being jealous.

5. The one where Sonam Kapoor refused to know Deepika Padukone

This is not the first time Sonam Kapoor’s words have become a controversy. On an episode of KWK, Kareena was accompanied by Sonam as her Veere. When asked about Deepika Padukone, she replied, “Honestly Karan, I don’t know her at all. The last interaction I had with her was on your couch. Let’s say if someone asks me who is the better actress between Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, I would say Priyanka. But that is my opinion.” This statement sounded worse because not only the two actresses had shared the couch earlier but Sonam is also Ranveer Singh’s cousin who is all set to marry Deepika Padukone.   

sonam kapoor khan on koffee with karan

6. The one where Mira revealed what every Bollywood celeb pretends to be

Mira, who revealed her view for the first time on camera in KWK was asked by Karan, “The one thing in Bollywood everyone pretends to be?” to which her answer was “A fashion icon. everyone wants to be one!” Oops.

7. The one where Priyanka Chopra hoped her mother doesn’t see the episode

Soon to be married PeeCee revealed so much on the show after a few coffee shots that she hoped her mother skip the episode. From shower secrets, nepotism to Tom Hiddleston controversy, she dropped hints about everything.

7 priyanka chopra  on koffee with karan 

Okay, now we feel ready for Koffee With Karan Season 5, bring it on!

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23 Aug 2018

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