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Your Complete Guide To A Simple Yet Effective Four-Step J-Beauty Routine

Your Complete Guide To A Simple Yet Effective Four-Step J-Beauty Routine

For all the minimalist beauty lovers, a Japanese skincare routine is the ideal one. It focuses on brightening your skin, tackling dark spots and helping it to glow from within. Of course, we all know the magic of matcha, moisturising and deep cleansing, and J-beauty stresses on exactly that. And the best part is that it follows the Marie Kondo approach to skincare—less is more, which makes it easy to follow as well.

Follow This 4-Step Japanese Beauty Regimen For Cleansed And Hydrated Skin


Step One: Oil Cleanser

Japanese skincare experts swear by oil cleansing as it works really well to get rid of sebum and impurities. It removes makeup effectively including products like waterproof mascara and liquid lipsticks that are otherwise really hard to get rid of. The trick here is to take the oil and warm it between your palms and slowly start working it onto your dry face until you have effectively completed the first cleansing step.

Step Two: Foam Cleanser

For the second cleansing process, take a foam-based cleanser and make sure your skin is squeaky clean. J-beauty experts advice against rubbing or scrubbing too hard as it causes fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation so take a lot of cleanser, make bubbles and then gently wash your face. The trick here is to wet your face and take some foaming face wash onto your hands and create a whipped cream-like texture on your hands and then press only the foam onto your face. Voila, your skin is clean!

Step Four: Liquid Lotion

This is the Japanese version of a toner—a liquid lotion that infuses the skin with much-needed hydration. It is also called an essence or a skin conditioner in other beauty routines. The product isn’t harsh and is super lightweight on the skin, allowing it to penetrate deep within the skin’s layers and nourish it. The key idea here is to take the product onto a cotton pad or your hands and press it into your skin while it is still damp.

Step Four: Moisturise

The final step in Japanese beauty is to moisturise. You’ve already provided your skin with some hydration with the liquid lotion and now the idea is to finally seal it in. Moisturiser strengthens the outer layer of the skin that protects it from irritants and inflammation. This also keeps the skin looking dewy and plump, which is always a plus.

This is a simple and easy-to-follow routine that is all about keeping your skin clean and nourished. Hope you have a good (skin) day and keep these J-beauty secrets in mind!

Featured Image: Pexels

01 Sep 2021

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