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2 Months To 1 Day Before The Wedding – Here’s The Bridal Beauty Checklist To Follow!

2 Months To 1 Day Before The Wedding – Here’s The Bridal Beauty Checklist To Follow!

If your wedding is going to take place in the upcoming shaadi season, and you still have no idea about the particular beauty routine you should be following, then you have come to the right place! Ideally, your beauty routine should begin at least 2 months before your wedding. Blame it on the build-up wedding stress or just plain old laziness, bad skin is never a good sign. But fret not, we have put together a comprehensive bridal beauty checklist for you! Starting from 2 months up until your d-day, this guide will surely keep your bridal beauty routine on track. Take notes or simply bookmark, choice is yours!

2 months before the wedding

1. 2 months is enough time to improve your overall lifestyle. Drink lots of water, start following a CTM (Cleansing Toning Moisturizing) routine regularly, remove your makeup before hitting bedtime and eat well. It will all help in the long run.

internal bridal beauty checklist girl drinking water

2. Strive to get your hair and skin in superb form by using as many natural products as possible.


3. Get your haircut done, so that if by any chance you do not like the outcome, your hair will have enough time to grow back.

4. Just like your hair, this is also the right time to get your eyebrows groomed professionally, especially if you want to give a better shape to it.

internal bridal beauty checklist girl getting brows done

5. Now is the time to include an exfoliator in your beauty routine. You should use a gentle exfoliator or scrub at least twice every week to remove dead skin cells on your skin.


This Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating daily scrub is gentle enough on your skin, but removes dirt, impurities AND blackheads. It’s available on Amazon for Rs 149.

6. Also, a vitamin C serum is a great investment. It gives the vital energy boost to the skin and works wonders, especially, if you want to improve the texture of your skin in the long run.

1 month before the wedding

1. If your hair and beauty looks are still not decided yet, you should definitely get them out of the way NOW.  Remember, it is always great taking trials at least a month before the wedding.

2. Pick at least two make-up looks and hairstyles for all of your functions. This gives you an option to choose on the final one during your trials.


internal bridal beauty checklist girl getting her hair done

Check out the freshly launched POPxo Wedding magazine for some super awesome inspiration on trending make-up looks.

3. Make sure you click pictures of all your looks. This gives you a better idea of how they might look in pictures.

4. Avoid trying out any new beauty products or skin treatments at this juncture. You don’t know how they will react to your skin, so don’t take a chance!


5. Avoid going out in the sun, and even when you do, step out with a generous amount of sunscreen applied on all the exposed parts of your body.

internal bridal beauty checklist girl applying sunscreen

The La Shield sunscreen with SPF 40 is amazing for every skin type. Get it on Amazon for Rs 637.

6. Keep up that beauty routine you started two months back. And if you didn’t, do it now! CTM, lots of water and a healthy diet. Repeat!


The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream is perfect for you. Buy it on Nykaa for Rs 995.

2 weeks before the wedding

1. Now that all your make-up and hairstyles are decided (hopefully) and most of your shopping is done, you should indulge in relaxing spas and massages to calm your racing nerves.

internal image bridal beauty checklist girl on a massage table

2. Use this time to stock up on the little things that you might be missing out on – your fav lippy or nail paint, perfume or anything that makes you feel good!


You know which lipstick is a must have in your bridal beauty kit? The Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick in Smoking Red which is available on Amazon for Rs 550.

3. Also, compile a bag of bobby pins, safety pins, threads, needles, etc. just for emergency purposes.

4. And obviously, keep up on that daily routine.

1 week before the wedding

1. The week before the wedding is definitely going to be hectic and stressful, so keep your routine simple.


internal bridal beauty checklist girl applying moisturizer

2. Don’t try out any new products AT ALL! Even if they are natural products, just don’t.

3. Pamper yourself whenever you get a little bit of time. It will show on your big day.

And nothing can be as relaxing and pampering as taking a dip in a hot water tub. This Lavender Bath Salt from Soulflower will rejuvenate your senses and make you feel calm before your big day. You can buy it on Amazon for Rs 308.


4. Try and catch as much sleep as possible!

1 day before the wedding

1. Although it might be difficult for you to pull out time for a salon visit a day before the wedding, this is the right time to get your nails done. It will also keep them from chipping.

 internal bridal beauty checklist girl getting nails done

2. You can also get a relaxing pedicure done which will help soothe your nerves and give you a break from all the wedding craziness.


3. In the evening, just wash your face with a very gentle face wash along with a soothing moisturizer. Keep yourself hydrated and go to bed as early as possible.

On the big day

Just relax, smile a lot and enjoy your special day! Happy brides are the prettiest, remember?

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27 Sep 2017

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