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7 Common Ingredients Found In Your Skincare Products

As your relationship with beauty deepens, you will slowly begin to look beyond glossy packaging and purple prose. Your focus will be driven more on results, and you’ll become more conscious of the ingredients in these skincare products. While it’s true that new beauty ingredients roll out into the market every year – only a handful remain constant. Allow us to take you through the most common beauty ingredients found in your skincare products.

Most Common Ingredients Found In Your Skincare Products

Grab one of your skincare products right now and check the ingredient list. We bet you’ll find at least one of the ingredients mentioned below. 


glycerin in a tub



Glycerin is a humectant that absorbs moisturise from the air and entraps it into the skin. While it relieves the skin from dryness, it also softens, hydrates and moisturises the skin. Vegetable glycerin, derived from vegetable oils, is most commonly used as an ingredient in skincare products like creams, cleansers, moisturisers and more. 

Commonly listed on labels as: Glycerol

Hyaluronic Acid

Did you know that hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times of water in your skin? Yes, it’s a wonder ingredient! Hyaluronic acid can be used as a single ingredient product or listed as an ingredient in other skincare products. It soothes irritated skin, moisturises it and keeps the fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Commonly listed on labels as: Sodium hyaluronate


Vitamin C

woman looking at her skin


One of the most popular skincare ingredients in the beauty industry today is Vitamin C. Known to boost collagen production and brighten up the complexion, Vitamin C is an ingredient you will find in most skincare products. Not to mention, it’s loaded with antioxidants and protects your skin from UV damage. 

Commonly listed on labels as: Ethyl ascorbic acid


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a common ingredient found in serums and night creams. Popularly known as retinoic acid or retinol, this ingredient is also rich in antioxidants. Not only does it help to speed up healing, but it’s also beneficial for treating acne. Using it often will make your skin look youthful and radiant. 

Commonly listed on labels as: Retinyl palmitate/retinyl acetate/retinyl linoleate/ retinol.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera pulp



Aloe vera is one beauty ingredient that can penetrate the deep layers of your skin, and provide it with hydration and actives. It helps to soothe and heal inflamed skin. The good part of aloe vera gel is that it agrees on all skin types. The best time to apply it is when your skin is damp. 

Commonly listed on labels as: Aloe barbadensis miller


If you use chemical exfoliators often, then we bet you’ve already made acquaintance with AHAs. They help with skin renewal by buffing away dead skin cells, exfoliating the top layer of the epidermis, and improving the skin’s complexion. They also prevent premature ageing and enable better penetration of other active ingredients. 

Commonly listed on labels as: alpha-hydroxy acids 



Lecithin cleansing balm


Lecithin is used as an emollient and does a great job at smoothening the skin and restoring hydration. Popularly known as hydrogenated lecithin, this ingredient helps with easing the spread of product on the skin. It’s an ingredient that’s often found in cleansing balms and creams. 

Commonly listed on labels as: Phosphatidylcholine


Most of the ingredients listed above are popular for a reason. They mean well for your skin, and using them daily will improve your skin immensely.

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03 Feb 2021

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