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Hands Off: 5 Common Mistakes That Might Be Contaminating Your Beauty Products

Hands Off: 5 Common Mistakes That Might Be Contaminating Your Beauty Products

Stay home, stay safe; Coronavirus is at its peak and it’s better to be safe than sorry. While we all our taking the necessary measures to stay safe in this nightmare of a situation, taking a few extra precautionary methods will only help keep the bacteria and other harmful viruses at bay!

You must be wondering, how? Well, by keeping a check on some of our beauty habits to start with!

You Might Be Contaminating Your Beauty Products

We wish we were joking but unfortunately, there are a few everyday beauty related things which might lead to the spread of the harmful virus and bacteria. Let’s know them in detail, shall we?

Use Liquid Soaps Instead Of Bars

Are you shocked? well, don’t be! Washing your hands is the easiest way to ensure you ‘kill’ the viruses but there’s a catch. Since everyone is using the same bar of soap, you might catch the virus from it. Imagine this, everyone is touching it after every few minutes. Yup, not ideal at all. And not just that, everyone touches the tap too.

So, what to do?

– Make sure you use a liquid soap

– Use the back of your hand to press the soap’s nozzle

– ALWAYS pour some water + soap mix on the tap before turning off the tap

– Everyone in the house should use a different towel

Your Lipstick Might Bring All The Germs To The Yard

Beauty rule 101: Never share your makeup products with anyone, even if it’s your sister unless it’s in a tube and no one can touch the actual product. Touch and spread- that’s how the virus works.

Lipstick is the most vulnerable makeup product out there. We use it on a daily basis, it has a sticky consistency and can host bacteria. When you share it with anyone, you can assure that you are putting their life is at risk (There’s a reason why people get deadly diseases like herpes by makeup testers).

What to do?

– Take your lipstick and dip it in alcohol for half a minute. Wipe off the top layer and that’s it.

Keep Your Hands Out Of Stuff

Yes, it is the season is changing and we’re using those jars of moisturizers more than ever. But opening, closing and sticking your finger into the jar is just another way of welcoming the unwanted guests –bacteria! Unless you’re using a closed bottle or a tube, you should be worried. Why? When we reach for our moisturizers in an open jar, we usually stick our fingers into the pot. And who knows how many germs we’ve got on our fingers. 

What to do?

– Pick tube-based moisturizers instead of the ones that come in a jar

– If you have products you love that came in a jar, invest in beauty spatulas or use small (disposable) ice cream sticks to scoop out the product. If you’re using plastic spatulas, remember to wash them with soap and water before every use. 

– Do not share or use anyone else’s moisturizers or any beauty product for that matter

– Throw away the product if you think it has changed in colour or looks a little yellowish

Clean You Tools More Regularly Now

We all know how important it is to clean our beauty tools, be it a beauty blender your makeup brushes, face massage rollers. Any product that has a chance to hold bacteria or end up on your face, clean it.

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What to do?

– Clean your beauty tools regularly, at least twice a week

– Add a disinfectant liquid, along with your makeup brush solution to ensure that we win the war against the bacteria

– Keep your beauty tools covered, preferably in a close, dry area. 

Your Razors Didn’t Make The Cut

How often do you use a razor? Once a week, once a month? Even if you’ve used it just once, you know the drill- water + shaving foam (or a body wash). Since you wet the razor and it is made of *steel*, there’s a 100% chance that it can cause serious problems, especially on an open wound.

What to do?

– Use disposable razors for now, it is better to practice some amount of hygiene and precaution.

– If you do use your razor more than once, make sure you disinfect it immediately after use. Soak it in a glass full of disinfectant and water for an hour. 

– Make sure you store your razor in a dry and clean area. The blades can get rust and might give you an infection. 


– Make sure you wash it thoroughly with soap and water before you start using it

Please make sure that you’re taking note of these *not to do* beauty habits!

Featured Image: pexels.com

23 Mar 2020

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