40 Kickass Replies For When Someone Body Shames You In Any Way!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jun 10, 2019
40 Kickass Replies For When Someone Body Shames You In Any Way!


Has anyone of us ever stopped to wonder how often we are subjected to subtle and sometimes even blatant forms of body shaming? We are shamed by aunties telling us not to wear dresses because they cling too tightly around our busts, we are fed a certain type of narrative by the media as to what is deemed ‘attractive’. You need to be thin, tall and fair to be accepted and any other mould is shunned and rejected. We’re constantly told to lose weight, to hide our imperfections, and anyone who doesn’t fit this prototype is subject to jokes and humour on their appearance.

What Is Body Shaming?

Body shaming or fat shaming is basically a form of bullying another person whether it is face to face or online. It is the act of negatively judging someone based on their physical appearance. Seeing some people who don’t fit the bill of the ‘ideal body’ is bothersome to certain people and hence they spew hate. While body-shaming has been a part of the society for a long time, it has reached an all-time high with social media coming to the forefront. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter have brought unrealistic beauty standards to our phone screens. The cascading effect of body shaming is worrisome. From low self-esteem and confidence to depression and anxiety, what we say to another person can really affect them. Read below to know how to respond to body shaming.

Replies To Give If Someone Calls You Fat

  1. The only reason I’m fat is because a tiny body can’t fit all this personality.
    You know I can always lose weight but you’ll have to go through an entire procedure to change your personality.
  2. You know things expand in the heat. So technically I’m not fat, just HOT! Get your logic straight.
  3. I swallowed the last person who commented on my weight so you’d better be careful.
    Stop being so jealous.
  4. Yes, I’m fat. My parents and I can provide for me well enough. That’s why I don’t need you or your opinion.
  5. Yes, I believe in staying healthy. You don’t need to worry about me at all.
  6. Along with the weight, I’ve gained a bit of extra brain as well. Maybe you’d want some.
  7. Yeah, all this fat I’m padding my body with is actually stored energy. I’m going to use that for the apocalypse which is coming, by the way.
  8. I know I’m fat, there’s seriously nothing wrong with that.
  9. Really? I’m fat! That’s crazy, I haven’t looked at myself in the mirror ever. Thank you for telling me this.
  10. I really feel like sitting on you. Like seriously.
  11. This is my vacation body. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Got a problem with that?
  12. I know I’m big, that’s how I fit my multiple personalities in me, I need all that extra space. Did you ever count your personalities? They amount to Aryabhatta’s invention….0.
  13. I know being fat can hurt me in a lot of ways but it’s still less torturous than sitting here and listening to you.
  14. OMG! You can see that I’ve put on weight, that’s awesome. What are your other talents, please tell?
  15. We need to stop looking at being fat as a bad thing. I’m fat. You’re thin. What’s the big deal?
  16. Yes, I got fat. But honestly, all that yummy Nutella I ate, I don’t regret devouring even one jar.
  17. Being fat is great. You can also reach my level by eating as much as me. Say hi to my food baby!

Replies To Give If Someone Talks About Your Complexion

What we don’t understand about body shaming is that it isn’t just limited to someone calling you fat and shaming you for it. There are multiple facets to it. One major thing we face in India is the need to become fairer. Deeper complexions are looked down upon and according to research, it could come from the neo-colonial mindset we have been brought up in. So the next time someone says “sawali hai, thoda multani mitti lagayegi bahut sundar lagegi,” please give them a befitting reply.

  1. I’m a gulab jamun, not a rasgulla! And you know what? I’m completely okay with that.
    When someone asks you to try out a home remedy that’ll make your complexion a tone or two lighter, you can say “Ahhh! Is there any home remedy to make you smarter? ‘Coz you really need it.”
  2. What do we say to people who make politically incorrect statements? Not today.
  3. Hey! Here’s a book. You need to educate yourself.
  4. I absolutely love my skin tone and if you don’t and want to comment on it, you really don’t deserve a place in my life.
  5. Aunty, haven’t you heard? Deeper skin colour with olive undertones is all the rage these days!
  6. We’re not all the same in intelligence so why should we be the same in appearance? You look great and so do I, why can’t we just be okay with that?
  7. I have a wheatish complexion and you know what, gold highlighter looks bomb on me.
  8. When someone tells you that you’re lucky you’re dating a ‘gora munda’ tell him or her that the only thing that proves is that unlike them, your boyfriend isn’t a racist.
  9. I am going to wear white, it compliments my complexion and nothing you say is going to change my mind.
  10. I just realised that I can unfriend you from my life.
  11. You’re fair, I’m wheatish- is there a problem?

Replies To Give If Someone Body Shames You

Again, body shaming is not limited to fat shaming. It is also when someone shames you for your height, your curves, how flat or busty your breasts are, basically a number of things. Nobody is allowed to comment on the way you look and here are comebacks if someone calls you fat

  1. My body is my body, none of your body.
  2. I am skinny and yes I eat food, no I’m not anorexic. Anorexia is a disease and I hope you understand that you shouldn’t use it this lightly.
  3. I’m sexy and I know it.
  4. I’m short and I have tons of personality!
  5. I’m proud of my body and you should be too.
  6. I’m leading a healthy life and that’s all you need to know. Now please shut your mouth and go.
  7. Yes, long legs are gorgeous but short ones are equally gorgeous, why is there even a competition?
  8. I’m never going to let anyone tell me how my body should look so why don’t you just turn around and leave.
  9. You don’t like my body? Well, I don’t like you!
  10. Well, nobody cares what you think. I’m still pretty freaking awesome!
  11. I don’t have to put up with you ever. Unfollow.
  12. Stop hiding behind a computer and typing out horrible things. Why don’t you try being a decent human being for once?
  13. I’m going to dress just the way I want to because guess what, I don’t dress to please you.
  14. I think I look healthy and fabulous, and no one really cares about your opinions so can you keep them to yourself?
  15. Please get the hell outta here. That’s all!

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