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10 Colours For The Christian Bride’s Wedding Gown (Not White!)

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  Oct 23, 2016
10 Colours For The Christian Bride’s Wedding Gown (Not White!)


Beautiful white church weddings are just what fairytales are made of. And if there’s anything we love the most, it’s the gorgeous bridal gowns with the long trails and the veils. And ooh, the bouquet toss! So while we were browsing through all the lovely things that make a church wedding special, we found these 10 stunning and colourful wedding gowns. Yup, there are a lot more colours you can wear at your church wedding, other than white. Here’s some inspiration!

1. The elegant blush blue

1 colourful wedding gowns Image: TheBrideArea on Instagram The pale or blush blue has come to be one of the hottest colours this season. And adding another gorgeous subtle shade to your wedding gown will only make it look classier. You could even opt for dull gold embroidery to go with it.  

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2. It’s time to go ombre!

2 colourful wedding gowns Image: Candersonphoto on Instagram When was the last time you saw a bride wearing an ombre gown? Add a touch of colour to your white wedding dress by opting for an ombre effect. Trust us, it’ll be the only thing your guests will be talking about! Also read: 7 Ways These Brides Made Their Wedding Style Totally *Unique*!

3. Peach perfect

3 colourful wedding gowns Image: Takamibridalcostume on Instagram A beautiful colour for a morning ceremony, peach is one shade that is sure to make you look fresh, fun and fabulous! Accessorize your look with delicate pearl jewellery and get set to make the grand entry.

4. The floral craze

4 colourful wedding gowns Image: Lazarobridal on Instagram Who said you can’t add your favourite florals to your white wedding gown? This bride is the only inspiration you need! Add a splash of colour and elegance to your gown with a floral print top. So pretty, so fresh, so feminine. We love it!

5. The pretty pinks

5 colourful wedding gowns Image: Nextbrides on Instagram Blush pink is usually a bride’s favourite colour. And we can’t even begin to explain how stunning a blush pink gown would look. The colour that suits every skin tone, a gown in this hue will only make you look every bit dreamy.

6. Add nude to the mix

6 colourful wedding gowns Image: Lizmartinezbridal on Instagram White and nude definitely makes for a showstopper-like combination. Going by international trends, this seems to be a major hit with top designers. And for sure, if you want to make a serious style statement as a bride, this one’s a definite win!

7. A lilac princess

7 colourful wedding gowns Image: Fairytaleweddingsideas on Instagram Feel and look like a princess on your special day with a gown that’s all elegant and lilac. A shade that looks romantic and sure is a season favourite, it’ll make you look and feel pretty, all throughout!

8. Mellow yellow!

8 colourful wedding gowns Image: Julieanneloyweddings on Instagram No no, we’re not asking you to wear a bright yellow gown. It’s all about adding the cheery colour to your wedding outfit in the most subtle way ever. It looks even prettier with white lace add-ons or tiny gold beads. Also read: The Newest, Hottest Fashion Trends For The 2016 Bride!

9. Go with grey

9 colourful wedding gowns Image: Fleurduluxe on Instagram At first we weren’t quite sure of grey ourselves. But after seeing a number of lovely gowns in shades of grey, we have to say it sure is a colour to consider. Elegant and classy, it’s perfect for the bride who does not want to go too bright!

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10. Mix them up

10 colourful wedding gowns Image: Nextbrides on Instagram Add a hint of one, or maybe two colours to your wedding gown. Seen here is a beautiful and subtle mix of lavender and rust. And it sure does look like a vision! Not something anyone in your bridal party would’ve seen before!