Colour Me Happy: 7 Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Holi

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Mar 24, 2021
Colour Me Happy: 7 Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Holi


Holi is right around the corner and you know what that means- thandai, gujiya, and loads of colour. However, all thanks to the pandemic this year’s Holi plans may be altered a bit. It’s risky to gather in large crowds and play with the usual dhoom dhaam so we thought getting bright-coloured and eye-catching nail art might cheer you up and suggest you share your holi wishes 2021 over phone. 

7 Of The Brightest Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Holi

Holi Hai!

Nothing says Holi more than having Holi written on your nails (duh)! You’ll have to get gel extensions for this one and they’ll look superb. Whether you’re going to be having a small party with your close friends or are planning to have a Netflix and gujiya date with yourself, this nail art is the perfect tribute to the festival.

Rang Barse

A playful mix of colours, this nail art will look gorgeous with the white kurta that you wear on Holi. And the best part? It’ll keep your nails safe from getting that dirty, pink pakka rang that refuses to leave even after days of trying to get it off.

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The French Way

If you aren’t into getting fully colourful nails done then we suggest trying out these vibrant tips. French manicure just got a showy upgrade if you ask us. They’re perfect for Holi without being too out there. For all you queens who like to keep it understated, this is the one to pick.

Do Me A Favour Let’s Play Holi

Okay, skittle nails are totally on-trend and they’re superb for Holi festivities. These are easy to do because you’ve to just paint each nail a different colour so you can perfect it right at home. Just file your nails at home and give yourself a mini mani cause you deserve the pampering.

Balam Pichkari

This matte nail art is fun and gorgeous. Trust us, with this on your fingers, everyone is going to be asking you where you got them done from. They’ve got all the Holi shades that you love and they’ll be the best finishing touch to your look.

Holi Khelien

For those of you who are sitting at home and don’t really like the idea of people putting colour on you in a rowdy manner but still love the colourful essence of the festival, these nails are great. They’re firey and smoking hot and have a great gel finish. Screenshot this cause you’re going to wanna show it to your manicurist.

All About That Colour

Another great gel finish nail art, this transparent style looks super fresh and gorgeous. Just bookmark this cause we’re sure you’re going to pull it off. After all, you’re a shining star. 

Happy Holi fam! Hope this one is safe and filled with happiness and mithai!

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