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French Tips, But Make ‘Em Fun: 8 Colourful Manicures You Can DIY Over The Weekend

French Tips, But Make ‘Em Fun: 8 Colourful Manicures You Can DIY Over The Weekend

A French manicure is one of those beauty trends that will never go out of style because it’s so minimalistic and elegant. It goes with just about everything. Now, with the COVID-19 situation, people are scared of going to salons and with good reason, so we thought we’d add some colour, fun and pop to your life with these easy French manicures that you can totally DIY. Yup, these French manicure pictures are vivid and could qualify as an amusing activity to master during the quarantine. 

Put On Some Neon

Nothing says extra as neon so go ahead and give yourself a neon French manicure. It’ll add a burst of colour in your life and may even change your drab mood.

Let’s Talk About Pastel

If you aren’t so into going all out with glitter or neon but still want a little change in life then a pastel French manicure might be right up your alley. It looks understated yet is quirky enough to catch attention. 

In The Mood For A Beach Vacay

So what if you can’t be on vacation sipping a margarita right now, your nails can always be! So, for all you beach bums, this mani is the perfect choice. Grab some nail polishes, a fine art brush & let your creative juices flow!

For The Love Of Green

This kind of holographic nail paint is the right touch of extra but not totally crazy. Because it’s just on your tips it doesn’t look overpowering but gives the right amount of glam to your look.

The Intricacies Of Lace

This one looks hella sexy, but it’s also slightly tricky to recreate. You’ll need some lace or some nail stickers and a fair amount of & patience to ace this.

Every Month Is Pride Month

This tie and dye pride manicure is so creative and fun. Let’s celebrate love all through the year by painting our nails in all the shades of the rainbow.

There Are No Rules

If you can’t decide on one design- why not try them all? Your nails can have a party of their own, can’t they!?

A Cute Li’l Ladybird

If you don’t want to go all out with your nail art, you can go with classic white French manicure nail tips and then add some nail art to them. You can make anything that you love and speaks to you so that every time you look down at your nails, you’re filled with happiness and joy!

So, ready to nail it?

31 Jul 2020

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