Vivid Eye Makeup Looks By The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam That Are Perf For Mask Season

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  May 28, 2021
Vivid Eye Makeup Looks By The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam That Are Perf For Mask Season


It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started and it feels like masks have just become a forever kinda accessory. So, I don’t know about you but I’m using this time indoors to perfect my makeup skills and practice my blending. And who better to take inspo from than the MyGlammXO Beauty Creator fam? Today, we’re listing down some vibrant eye makeup looks that will look so great even with face masks on.

Face Mask Friendly Eye Makeup Looks Ft. The MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Fam

Bedazzled Beauty

First up is this pink makeup look that is surely a showstopper. It’s glittery and gorgeous and is making us swoon. Blend your pink shadows all over your lid and then put on some pink pigment over it. Then you can add these bedazzled jewels to frame your crease and you’re done. Also, if you’re totally on board with the 2021 soap brow trend then use a spoolie on your Pears soap and brush ’em out to give that feathered effect. 

The Entire Rainbow

Okay, kudos to this creator for rocking such a beautiful look. The trick here is to go in with light-handed strokes and use a fluffy brush to blend everything seamlessly. You should also always prime your lids with concealer and loose powder so that the colours will pop even more. 

I Lilac You

Lilac is such a popular colour these days and for good reason- it’s pretty and muted and works for both day and night. Just apply shadow all over your lid and take it right up to the brow bone and to keep it coherent apply some near the lower lash line as well. Line your water line with a white liner so that you look more awake.

It Was All Vibrant

Fan of neons? Then this is the look that you should recreate. Start by priming your lids to create an even base and then move onto blending the shades. Make sure you keep the shadows within the crease and then apply the white graphic liner to amp up the look. Add some holographic eyeshadow to your inner corners as well to make them shine bright.

That Cut-Crease Tho

Another cut crease but this one is slightly easier as it’s got just two colours. First, start by blending out the peach shade in your crease and then cutting it using concealer. Then pack on the yellow eyeshadow and you’re totally summer-ready (with nowhere to go!)

Get, set, blend!

Featured Image: Instagram