Move Over Smokey Eye Cause There’s A New Trend In B-Town!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Feb 19, 2020
Move Over Smokey Eye Cause There’s A New Trend In B-Town!


When was the last time you did something funky to your mundane kajal-clad eyes? Most of us are afraid to add a dash of colour to our eye makeup. Have you ever added a swipe of glitter or perhaps a vibrant pop of coloured eyeshadow? I bet you’re worried it’s not going to look good on you. Take a quick peek at some of your favourite celebrities Instagram feeds and we bet you’ll change your mind. Their makeup artists are forever altering their look by giving them something more; a colourful eyeliner, glitter eyes, and even a coloured mascara!

Trendy & Colourful Bollywood-Inspired Eye Makeup Looks

It is time to have a look at these ‘eye’conic makeup looks ‘coz your smokey eyes are just not gonna make the cut anymore. Play with different colours and textures to define your eyes. 

Which one’s calling out your name first? Let’s find out.

PeeCee’s Glitterati Love

Don’t you love how simple yet impactful PeeCee’s glitter eye is? Surprisingly, PeeCee’s muted makeup ain’t looking boring and in fact, that simple swipe of purple is adding the perfect amount of drama to her lids!

To achieve this look, use a matte base on your face, complete with a nude, satin finish lipstick and apply a thin stroke of purple eyeliner on your lids.

Sara’s Perfect Pop Of Colour

Sara’s colourful eye makeup is as bubbly as her personality, right? We cannot get over the riot of colour on her eyes, it reminds us of Holi! What the beauty enthusiast in me is blown away by is how well the pink, purple, blue and green eyeshadows blend into each other. And that pink lippie adds the perfect amount of balance to her makeup look.

To get the look, start at the outer corner of your eye by adding an indigo hued shadow and blend it inwards. Next, apply a bright pink shadow on the inner corner of your eye and blend it to perfection. Use a light purple shadow in between the blue and the pink for the ombre effect. On your lower lash line, use a pastel green shadow and you’re good to go.

Shraddha’s Bold And Beautiful

Shraddha’s cranberry twist to a conventional smokey eye is quite refreshing. And that nose ring, along with the twisty hairdo is giving us major badass vibes!

Use a merlot shade on your entire eyelid, up to the crease and blend it inwards for some drama. Use a similar shade of purple and blend it. Use a dark eye pencil on your upper lash line and voila, you’re done!

Malaika’s Glitter Bomb

Leave it to Malaika to kill you with her bomb figure and poppin’ makeup looks. We cannot get over how she teamed up her sparkly outfit, accessorized it with dazzling earrings and just didn’t stop there. She further went on and didn’t shy away from adding more sparkle to her eyes!

If you’re using a glitter shadow for the first time, make sure your eyelids are primed well. Also, wet your brush with a setting spray so that your brush picks up more product.

 PS: Her entire look has EXTRA written all over it, haina?

Disha’s Eyeliner Is Back From The Future

Disha’s futuristic eye look is definitely not for the faint-hearted! A perfect glitter cat-eye, a hint of burnt yellow eyeshadow on the lids and a pale green shadow on her crease makes it look oh-so-powerful!

Use a charcoal glitter liner to create the perfect cat-eye. Next using a burnt yellow shadow, create a dab effect on the inner corner of your eyes. Apply a half stroke of a pale green eyeliner on your eyes and let all *eyes* be on you!

We Have Eyes On Esha’s Gre(a)Y(t) Makeup Look

It’s fun, easy and super sexy- update your brown-black smokey eye and choose grey today. Apply the grey shadow all over your eyelid and yep, that’s basically it.

Camilla’s Pinch Of Perfection

Camilla’s eye look is so easy that it makes me wonder, why didn’t I think of this before? Just upgrade your usual cat-eye by adding add a tiny bit of colour on top of it.

Halsey Ain’t Making Us Feel Blue

This light blue eye magic is making me reach for more shades of blue from now on. And that pinch of glitter on top of it? Why isn’t it Halloween already?

Just go mad with one colour (in this case, blue), apply it all over your eyes, outside the crease and even your lower lashes. Apply a mascara, glitter particles and go crazzyy!

Living For Sonam’s Sexy Eye Drama

Matte skin finish, berry-hued glossy lips and a dash of colour on the lids- Sonam’s colour madness on her face looks so stunning and TBH, we’re not mad at it!

Apply a thin maroon eyeliner on your lids, a hint of mustard-yellow shadow on your eyelid and top it all with two coats of mascara.

Kiara’s look BLUE Away Our Minds

Kiara’s take on a regular cat eye by replacing it with a brighter hue is what our unicorn dreams are made of, right?

If you look closely, you’ll see, not one, but two beautiful shades of blue on Kiara’s eyes. Use a blue liquid eyeliner and create a perfect cat-eye. Next using a lighter shade, create depth on your eyes by applying a lighter blue shade in the middle of your eyeliner!

‘Coz Sonkshi Likes To ‘Mauve it Mauve it’

The unofficial queen of eyeliners, Miss Sinha always keeps us on our toes with her spectacular eye looks and once again, she’s killin’ it (or should I say winging it?). Her purple-lilac eyeshadow is giving us mermaid vibes and definitely goes well with her purple outfit too!

Time To (S)Teal Diana’s Look

Diana’s teal-blue cat-eye complements her yellow ruffle dress and I’m a fan of this combo! Keeping her lip shade to a basic nude tone, Diana’s effortless look is everyone who has dark, beautiful eyes and for a bright, sunny day! Just use a liquid eyeliner and apply a bright cat-eye on your lids. Exaggerate it further to add more drama.

Massive Love For Deepu’s Eye Look

Although it’s been ages since Deepika debuted this gorgeous emerald eye makeup (2017 to be precise) on the Cannes red carpet but I still think about this look every day! This exaggerated eye makeup is givin’ me life till date and is perfect for everyone who loves good eye makeup!

Use two types of makeup brushes to achieve this look. Use a precise brush to drag the colour out of your eyes and a bigger, denser brush to fill your eyelids with the green shade. Use your finger and dab it all over the eyelid for a smokey effect. Don’t forget to top it all with a full mascara and kohl liner.

Well, aren’t you intrigued to try out different shades on your eyes every day?

I know, I most definitely am!

Featured Image: Instagram