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Decoded: The Unexpected Hack To Wing A Colourful Eyeliner – All In One Swipe!

Decoded: The Unexpected Hack To Wing A Colourful Eyeliner – All In One Swipe!

Think finding a Tinder match (swipe right without a threat) can be a pretty easy task as compared to tracking down the perfect eyeliner? Um, think again. We have to agree to the fact that bagging the perfect eyeliner that offers the best formula and colour payout can be next to impossible. But fret not, we have our ways to wing it like a total queen! What’s gonna be your best bet? Obviously, a trending hack that has taken the internet by a storm.

This hack that will take your eyeliner game to the next level. Fun fact: This eyeliner hack has garnered over 16 million views on TikTok and we’ve got you covered on the trend.

DIY Eyeliner Hack Using Micellar Water & Eyeshadow

Let’s start out by gathering all the products we need to ace that winged eyeliner look.

You’ll Need:

  • An eyeshadow palette with pigmented shades
  • Micellar water
  • Eyeliner brush


Step 1: Scrape out a little bit of your favourite eyeshadow colour (be it pink, purple, brown or blue) in a container. You can also mix two shades to try the ‘expect the unexpected’ makeup look.

Step 2: Then, dip your eyeliner brush into the micellar water and dip it back in the eyeshadow container with the shade you took out. Mix well. Remember that it should be almost paint-like consistency.

Step 3: After making sure your brush is saturated with the eyeshadow colour, it’s time to apply it on your eyelid. Begin by stretching the eyelid and applying eyeliner to the centre of the lid, keeping your brush steady and at an angle. Apply it to the outer corner of your eye and keep going.

Step 4: Begin lining the inner corner of your eye after you’ve lined half of your eye. Make a softly lined eyelid by joining the two halves in the centre. Make sure there are no gaps between your lash line and the liner. Now, you’re all good to go!

It is a life-changing hack, but do not forget that the colour payout depends on the eyeshadow palette you choose. Behold the one that has the most pigmented shades because it’ll show up as vibrant as your future.

If you’re not into hacks, these best-selling eyeliners will do the trick too!

Try this DIY eyeliner hack for a Friday night out with girlfriends to take your makeup look to new heights!

Featured Image: Instagram

03 Jun 2022

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