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Colour Changing Makeup Products That Work Like Magic (No Pun Intended)!

Colour Changing Makeup Products That Work Like Magic (No Pun Intended)!

Remember those colour changing lip balms we all had when we were in school? Using a blue lip balm on the lips, only for it to change to pink–I was seriously obsessed! The young me always wondered, “How does this blue turn into pink?” Years later, I finally know the reason behind this sorcery and bet you do too. The pH level of our skin plays an important role in changing the colour of the makeup product and it’s this genius that beauty companies bagged on. In fact, the magic of colour changing makeup products hasn’t died yet as there are so many products available that change colours as soon as they touch our skin, and the 90s kid in me is swimming in a pool of nostalgia.

Colour Changing Beauty Products That Are Amaze

If you wish to add a dash of nostalgia and/or magic into your makeup routine, we suggest you try these colour changing products. If these reasons don’t excite you as much, just do it for the fun of it! You know you want to. So, read on!


Remember that disastrous “lipstick for men” Joey wore in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Ichiban, that’s right! Well, now you can have the exact same shade. The only difference, it’s gonna look super stunning as it’ll change its colour as soon as you apply it!


If you love the colour black, you’re gonna love this find! The Black Lace Rabbit Blush by Lipstick Queen took the beauty world by storm when it first came out. A stunning black blush that changes colour as soon as you touch it, now who wouldn’t want that?

Lip Balm

A brighter than sunshine lip balm that changes colours according to your mood? We’ll take ten! This super-cute lip balm changes its colour according to the pH levels of your skin and moisturizes your lips while at it. Talk about being a multitasker!

Nail Polish

Who needs to change their nail paint every other day when a touch is all that’s needed? This must-have nail polish changes its colour as soon as you touch it and honestly, it’s so freaking cool! You won’t be able to keep your hand off of yourself *wink*!


Just like James Charles, if you too struggle to find your perfect foundation shade, perhaps these skin adjusting drops might help. As the name suggests, these drops adjust in accordance with your skin tone so that you get a seamless finish every time and the shade of your neck actually matches your face!

Cheek Tint

If a cream blush is not your thing, try a gel blush. This clear gel promises to add a suitable flush of colour to your cheeks as soon as it touches them. It still amazes me to see how the clear gel turns into a beautiful shade within seconds! Just wow!

Lip Gloss

A perfect find, inspired by your 90s lip gloss obsession. This uber-cute set of lip glosses change colours as soon as you swipe them across your lips. And at this price, we bet it’ll get sold out in no time, so buy it already!

Finally, something good is coming out of my mood swings!

Featured Image: Pexels

05 Aug 2020

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