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Colors TV Has A Brand New Supernatural Show Called ‘Pishachini’ & We Gotta Say Ab Zyada Ho Raha Hai

Colors TV Has A Brand New Supernatural Show Called ‘Pishachini’ & We Gotta Say Ab Zyada Ho Raha Hai

In the past half a decade and so, Indian TV has become one wild world. The storylines are as blah as possible and the garishly dressed vamps are a thing of the past now. They have been duly replaced by a hoard of supernatural characters that do weird shiz assisted by poor VFX and laughable scripts. From naagins challenging nevalas for a battle to aadarsh bahus turning into flies and lizards, you get to see it all. Clearly, the makers are taking a no bars held approach in the fantasy department and thus keep giving us one ridiculous show after another. Colors TV’s upcoming show, Pishachini is the latest addition to this list. And guess who’d be playing the titular character in this one? Nyra Banerjee who was earlier seen playing Divya in StarPlus’s Divya-Drishti and fighting the troublesome….*wait for it*….Pishachini!

The show’s promo was released on Colors TV’s Instagram feed last night and we haven’t been able to keep calm since then. Here’s why:

Kill Us With Stereotypes!

Pishachini —just the name is enough to ring warning bells. The title is just the beginning of the problems though. The show’s trailer starts with a shampoo commercial-style dialogue as Nyra is seen sitting on a moonlit terrace and saying, “Kehte hain lambe baal khoobsurti ki nishaani hote hain. Haina?” However, she quickly serves a “twist” by adding, “Par mere lambe baal khoobsurti ke liye bilkul nahi hain.” This is followed by evil laughter.

Soon enough, Nyra aka the Pishachini unleashes her demon avatar with neon green eyes, long witch-style nails, and a few more scary (read, funny) tweaks. The narrator’s voice takes over for the rest of the promo as he declares, “Khoobsurat chalawa hai maut ka bulawa hai.” Now, we do have our problems with the entire idea of equating a woman’s beauty with evil and aren’t too excited about the entire “long hair” narrative either. However, even if we let all of this pass, isn’t all this supernatural drama getting a tad too old at this point? Haven’t we already seen a “Pishachini” based show with the exact same actress? And most importantly, isn’t Colors TV team tired of approving all these scripts?

“Ye kya content hai ITV pe. Hey pishachini, bhasm kardo ITV ko,” someone has commented on Twitter while sharing Pishachini’s promo and well, we’d have to second that. After all, someone has to put a full stop to this madness!

Featured Image: Twitter

20 Jun 2022

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