Chris Martin!! Plus 8 Other Reasons We’re SO Jealous Of Mumbai!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
Chris Martin!! Plus 8 Other Reasons We’re SO Jealous Of Mumbai!


These Mumbaiwallah’s and all their luck makes us go green with envy. How on earth do you have Coldplay, Superwoman and ALL of Bollywood glamour in one city?? Given that most other cities get little or no footfall from the stars at all – especially Delhi with its lecherous goons who leave no opportunity to grope their favourite star, and then probably don’t wash their hands till the next celeb victim is in town. Here are 9 reasons we’re SO jealous of the city with the sea, the stars and everything in between…

1. They have Coldplay RIGHT NOW

COLDPLAY IS IN MUMBAI! While we were finally healing our broken hearts after knowing that Chris Martin was in Delhi incognito (yes, we still haven’t forgiven that). The whole BAND is now in Mumbai! *Can you hear that?* Yes, the sound of our hearts breaking..all over again. Why you gotta do this to us? WHY?

coldplay in mumbai 1

2. And what is this we hear?! An AIB and Chris Martin collab?!

Oh no, that was just Kanan Gill being Kanan Gill. Oh well!

3. They got Superwoman TOO!

How has Delhi wronged you, people of the world?! Why does no one come here EVER? Why do we only get to watch people on YouTube?!

4. Oh, and fashion trends? Well, they ALWAYS get them first too

… and by the time we catch up on some trend, these guys have already moved on to a new one! *Super Jealous*

5. Like this wasn’t enough, the place breeds AMAZING Masterjis – who also GET every fashion trend!

Kareena wala blouse? Oh you got it! Not like how we struggle with pictures and designs and cuts – and still our tailor just gets it wrong :/

coldplay in mumbai 5

6. And then you can dress up in your trendy clothes and bump into Ranbir Kapoor… at the mall!

Imagine strolling around aimlessly in a mall and you casually bump into Ranbir Kapoor, that too not just once, MULTIPLE times, randomly, anywhere. SIGH. Cannot stop dreaming.

7. The sun and the sea. Do the math!

Sunset at Marine Drive and watching the Queen’s necklace light up is ALL you need to shake off the dukh of a long day of not getting to meet Ranbir. It’s like being on a date without having to make an effort to FIND a date. Who wouldn’t want that?!

coldplay in mumbai 7

8. AND you can board an auto at 1 a.m. in your trendy dress. Even if it’s really short. WITHOUT haggling.  

Having a late night and wondering how to deal with logistics? In Mumbai things are a LOT easier. Autos anytime, cabs anytime. Wandering the streets at night is no biggie either. We would all want that, wouldn’t we?

9. And then wake up to Pav Bhaji. Bun, butter, bhaji – droooool!

Put a whole lotta butter on an already buttery soft bun and then serve it with a mash for brekkie. Where else in the country can Pav Bhaji find so much reverence? Not to forget the Sev Puris & Ragda Pattice to deal with your afternoon hunger pangs, followed by Theobroma brownies, MM Mithaiwala Lassi, Gaylord & Merwans Cake shop Pastries… and much, much more!

coldplay in mumbai 9

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