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Coffee Addicts, You’re Going To Love This Lip Care Routine A Latte

Coffee Addicts, You’re Going To Love This Lip Care Routine A Latte

If you love lip care just as much as you love coffee, girl, do we have a treat for you! Your morning cup of joe can instantly wake you up and make life more tolerable, but when that caffeine shot gets incorporated into your lip care routine, it does more than what’s expected. Coffee is not only delicious but also amazingly beneficial for the skin on your lips. It can nourish and treat pigmentation without a fuss and also treats the senses while at it. If you’re a skincare aficionado and a coffee lover too, you probably already have every coffee-infused beauty product under the sun. But have you heard about this new lip kit yet? Replete with a caffeine-infused mask, serum, and scrub, this lip care routine will have you licking your lips with delight and your pout is going to look plump and perfect with every use. Check it out!

A Delicious Lip Care Routine For Coffee Lovers

Step 1: Prime Polish 

The best way to get smooth lips is by scrubbing away chapped skin with a moisturising lip scrub. Since coffee makes for a great exfoliator, this lip scrub is top tier. It brushes off flaky skin, moisturises, and makes your lips more even-toned. Wipe and wash off any lip makeup you have on and then massage this scrub on your lips. Go over your lip contours too and then wash the scrub away with some water.

Step 2: Smooth Swipe

Now that your lips are polished to perfection, it’s time to thoroughly moisturise. This coffee lip serum is the cutest thing ever and it comes with an applicator wand so that you don’t have to worry about contaminating the product in the jar. Just swipe it on with the large rounded side of the applicator and you’re good to go. Caffeine extracts in this serum work as antioxidants and helps prevent pigmentation on your pout. The formula also thoroughly hydrates and works just as hard or even more than your regular lip balm. The moisturising agents used in this serum are vitamin E, castor oil, and olive oil.

Step 3: Night Mode

Come nightfall, it’s time to check in on your pout again. And of course, it needs another layer of moisture. But since it’s nighttime, you can make it more intensive. This lip plumping mask has everything you could ask for a deep conditioning and repair lip treatment. Containing shea butter and sunflower oil along with yummy coffee, this mask penetrates deep into the skin and softens lips. It also corrects depigmentation and makes your pout pillow-soft by sunrise.

Can’t wait to get your hands on this coffee enriched lip care kit? We totally feel you. Add it to your cart right now and complete your set of coffee-infused beauty products.

Featured Images: Instagram

28 Apr 2022

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