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#TrendAlert: Cloud Skin Is The Latest ‘It’ Fad In The Beautyverse & We’re Totally On Board




Ever since the pandemic took over the world, skincare has become more popular than makeup. That’s probably because one, we were in lockdown, and second, we have had to wear face masks to ensure our safety. Since the lower part of the face was covered, flaunting a makeup look became challenging. Hence, the switch to skincare.

While many makeup brands took a back seat in 2020, we can see them coming back stronger in 2021. Piggybacking on trends of skincare, makeup is now evolving into making skincare-infused makeup products. They’ve merged the moisturising benefits of skincare products with the coverage of makeup. A good example of this is a new makeup trend is called Cloud Skin. Here’s what it looks like!

Everything You Need To Know About The New Beauty Trend Cloud Skin

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Unlike cream or glass skin, you need makeup products to achieve this look. Cloud skin is basically a soft-focus, hazy, dewy glow achieved by makeup products. The skin needs to look glowy – but not too bright. Imagine a dull rain cloud with beams of sunlight sticking through it – that’s what Cloud Skin is all about.

Advantages Of Steaming Face

To create this look, you will have to mix makeup textures that are glowy, dewy, and matte. This helps to give your skin a dreamy yet hazy finish. The makeup trend was coined by MUA Dominic Skinner. In an interview with a popular magazine, Dominic spilt the beans on how to create Cloud Skin. According to him, cloud skin can be achieved by strategically applying face oil first, then translucent powder, and later following it up with liquid foundation.


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The combination of all three products – translucent powder, liquid foundation and facial oil, gives the skin a dewy yet matte finish. If you’re not comfortable with using facial oil, stick to a hydrating moisturiser instead. 

Dominic also adds that when applying a liquid foundation. Dot the product all over your face and use to thumb to blend the product into your skin to create a matte, cloud finish. To create the haze, dust some translucent powder on the inner corners of your eyes, jawline, and around your nostrils. This makeup technique makes your skin look fresh and dewy in some parts.

Note: When applying powder to your forehead, don’t slap on too much of the product. Do so gently and focus only on the hairline instead of the whole forehead. Finish the look by brushing up the brows and delicately swathing your cheeks with a pink blush or a cheek stain.

This makeup trend looks like a lot of effort, but once you practice it, you’ll turn a professional at it! Cheers to Cloud Skin. 

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08 Mar 2021

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