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While Bras Are The Biggest Villains, Here Are Other Clothing Items Women Want To Ditch

While Bras Are The Biggest Villains, Here Are Other Clothing Items Women Want To Ditch

The fact that bras hurt us, and we continue to wear them because we have to is the saddest thing ever. But that’s how it is. Fashion or just basic clothes have never been comfortable for women. Most of these things are not even logical, they’re just good looking (or not). If it were possible, most of us would live in pajamas and oversized t-shirts. That sounds like a perfect world, but we don’t live in one.

So instead, we resort to talking about it, and asked more women what they find uncomfortable to wear:

1. “I dislike denim jeans and how they feel. Also, basically everything that does not have pockets.”

– Vasudha Sabharwal

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2. “Those corset tops have made a comeback, and despite not wanting to, I tried them with open mind. They are the worst things and I hate how that feel.”

– Maanya Manocha

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3. “Anything that has can-can. I hate it.”

– Snigdha

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4. “The dresses that have sequins on them are the worst. They are very itchy and uncomfortable.”

– Aaliyah Jain

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5. “Turtlenecks. I have never liked them and I know that I’m never going to like them either.”

– Umang

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6. “I have to say body-con dresses. These figure-hugging garments may be trendy, but the lack of flexibility and constant adjustment can make them uncomfortable.”

– Riya Verma

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7. “Basically anything that doesn’t have straps, especially if you have bigger breasts.”

– Aanya

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8. “Waist shapers or spanx. I read so many things about how these are so beneficial, I’ve even seen women say they wear them every day. I absolutely cannot wear them.”

– Bhawna Ailawadi

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9. “I just find dupattas very irritating in general. They are just there, and you need to constantly keep a check on them. The sad part is so many women HAVE to wear them, it’s not even a choice.”

– Divyani Chopra

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10. “There was a time that women just wore churidars with their suits. We still wear them at times, and I don’t know who made them without thinking how annoying they get.”

– Sakshi Issar

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The answers are so relatable.

30 Nov 2023

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