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8 Fashion Choices That Make Everyone Look Slimmer! (YAY!!)

8 Fashion Choices That Make Everyone Look Slimmer! (YAY!!)

When it comes to anything “universal” regarding to styling, it can be a bit precarious. That is why we try to be extra careful and focus more on a specific body type or style. However, after going through numerous styles and intricate details looking for clothes that make ANY figure look slim – we have finally listed down 8 items that are universally slimming. Take your pick!

1. High waisted jeans

clothes that slim you down

High rise jeans that hug your waist and not your hip create a sleek silhouette that makes you look slim as well as tall. These jeans create an illusion of longer, slimmer legs and cut at the smallest part of the waist, making you look thinner than your real frame.

2. Long sleeveless/ half-sleeve jackets

These jackets that come in a slightly oversized fit slim down any body type. The loose fit drops down from the shoulders nicely making your arms look slimmer and your body narrower. A perfect pick if you want to draw attention away from your tummy.


3. Black midi skirt

clothes that slim you down

The black midi skirt is our holy grail. This must-have wardrobe essential is a life saviour if you want to look slimmer. One of the few clothing items that have stood the test of time and still come out on top. It is extremely versatile and makes you looks elegant no matter the time or situation.

4. A-line skirts

A-Line skirts that flow down from your waist to your knees, without pleats or gathers, are bound to carve out a slimmer silhouette. These skirts are feminine, fun and accentuate your figure in a very flattering way. Twirl all over town in these beauties looking your best every day!

5. Vertical stripes

It is a commonly known fact that vertical stripes make you look slimmer and the opposite tends to hold true for horizontal stripes. Opt for thin pinstripes or blouses with a vertical pattern on them to appear slim. The parallel lines makes your frame look narrower than usual. Tried and tested!


6. Skinny belts

Cinch your waist thin by wearing skinny belts rather than broad ones. Skinny belts balance out your upper and lower body proportions without unnecessarily pulling attention to any part of your body. They not only make you look slimmer but it also make your ensemble look sleek and neat.

7. Boyfriend blazers

clothes that slim you down

A little oversized and a little longer than normal blazers, boyfriend blazers are not only stylish in every way but also slim down your body incredibly. It is always recommended to fold your sleeves up while wearing these blazers as that brings out its easy-going, relaxed element.

8. Streamlined pants

If you want to look slimmer in formal wear, then smart streamlined pants is the pair that you need. These pants that are tailor made for you and cuts right above your ankle tie your whole outfit together. They do not suffocate your thighs or highlight bulges hence making you look chic and well put together.


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05 May 2016
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