Clear Nail Paint To The Rescue! 6 AMAZING Hacks

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
Clear Nail Paint To The Rescue! 6 AMAZING Hacks


All of us have clear paint lying around at our homes, don’t we? The one single use we put it to is to seal our nail art with a top coat of the clear paint. But what if you could do much more with it?? Watch this video to put your clear paint to 6 amazing uses in your day to day tasks!

What You Will Need: Your bottle of clear paint

Difficulty Level: Easier than painting your toenails!

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Hack #1: Protect Your Jewellery

Paint a layer of clear nail polish on all areas of the jewellery that comes in contact with skin to maintain luster and protect it from rusting.

Hack #2: Thread A Needle Faster

Put a single coat of clear paint on any loose end of a thread, and wait 10 seconds for the polish to dry. This will give you a stiffer thread and help you pass it through the eye of the needle so much faster!

Hack #3: Prevent Shoelaces From Unraveling

If any one of your shoelaces exhibits wear and tear, you know it would take no time to unravel entirely! But you can easily prevent it by simply applying a coat of your clear nail over the loose ends that’ll help them stiffen and avoid any further unravelling!

Hack #4: Maintain Belt Buckle Shine

Paint a thin layer of clear nail paint on your belt buckle to prevent oxidisation and ensure that the metal maintains its shine.

Hack #5: Fix Loose Jewellery Stones

If you too love your costume jewellery, you’ll love this hack! We know costume jewellery never lasts long, so the next time stones fall out of their place from your fav earing, simple paste them back into place with a liberal coating of clear nail polish on the underside.

Hack #6: Hold Those Buttons

Threads coming loose off the buttons on your shirt? All you need to do is cut the thread and put your clear nail polish on the button. The thread will hold on forever and the paint will also prevent it from loosening further!

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