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Clear Mascaras Have An Edge Over Normal Ones: Here’s Why You Should Invest In One

Clear Mascaras Have An Edge Over Normal Ones: Here’s Why You Should Invest In One

They look just like your go-to mascara. They’re delivered to you in tube-shaped cartridges. They’re equipped with a spoolie-like brush; but there’s something different about them. And it’s clear to me now that they reign supreme. But what are they anyway, and why do I testify to their supremacy? Here’s what you need to know about these formulas, and why they’re redefining the way in which a mascara works.

It’s Pretty Clear: The Deal With Clear Mascaras

What Are Clear Mascaras?

This type of mascara doesn’t boast a colour payoff of any kind. It isn’t drowning in swirls of blue, black, or brown. It’s clear, and it’s meant to lend a wet-sheen gloss to your lashes without weighing them down. The point is to accentuate the lashes naturally, and define them without drenching them in colours – ideal for a no-makeup makeup look. Have you noticed how your hair looks after you’ve washed it? Your mane looks darker than usual. That’s what clear mascaras do to your lashes.

How Do You Use Them?

Just like you’d use a traditional mascara. But this one doesn’t just limit itself to the lashes. It can double as a brow-gel that tames and defines your eyebrows subtly. And thanks to the wet-sheen we were referring to, this formula can darken them just a little. You can tame your flyaways, frizz, and baby-hair with this product too, without leaving behind any tell-tale pigment true to coloured mascaras. If you’re a fan of wearing falsies, applying this formula can blend your O.G lashes with the falsies seamlessly. No clumps whatsoever.

How do you feel about DIYing a mascara to colour-contour your lashes? All you have to do, is mix a little bit of pigment or glitter with the formula (you can do so by transferring the pigment into the tube, or pressing the brush into the colour), and layer your lashes with this colour-packed formula. This hack is better than investing in countless coloured mascaras.

If you’re not ready to forgo your traditional jet-black formulas, you can layer your lashes with your go-to mascara, and proceed to brush the lashes with a coating of this gloss-like formula to soften the pigmentation, and further play into the subtleness of the look.

The Best Clear Mascaras In The Game

Lash-Loving And Long-Lasting

This Vitamin E and soy protein-infused mascara doesn’t just work superficially. Apart from defining the brows in all its wet-glam glory, it fortifies and conditions the the lashes, and tames your brows in one swipe.

Cruelty-Free And Conditioning

This brow-and-lash mascara can be used independently, or in conjunction with other brow and lash products. It sets, conditions, and lends an ultra-gloss finish to your eyes for hours on end.

Curling And Defining

Detest how traditional mascaras clump your lashes together? Not anymore. This formula coats your lashes separately, and curls and lifts them like an eyelash-curler would. And it’s perfect for taming the brows too!

Sweat-Proof and Smudge-Proof

This one’s more of a topcoat that makes your traditional mascara sweat-proof and smudge-proof. A single swipe of this formula, and you’ll notice how your mascara doesn’t budge for hours together.

Volumising And Lengthening

Looking for a natural yet polished look? Look no further! This mascara conditions and separates your lashes, and gives them instate volume and length. We’re sold.

So? What’s your poison?

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01 Jun 2022

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