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Don’t Lash Out: Here’s Why You Need To Make Room For A Clear Mascara In Your Makeup Kit

Don’t Lash Out: Here’s Why You Need To Make Room For A Clear Mascara In Your Makeup Kit

The art of doing makeup has come a long way, thanks to the #InstaBeautyGurus for teaching us a thing or two, all in a matter of seconds. From extra popping highlighter and extra-long lashes to overlined lips and whatnot, the makeup world has been taken over by Instagram influencers and hey, we aren’t complaining!

But not everyone wants to walk the extra mile, you know what I mean? While we love watching dramatic eye makeup videos on loop and trying some of the looks out, there are also days when we wish to just bare it all. Getting lash extensions or falsies on in one try or applying coats and coats of a volumizing mascara can feel like a task. If you want to give your lashes a break from all this, while looking like Cleopatra, or are simply not a fan of too many cosmetics, we know just the one-stop-shop product for you!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With A Clear Mascara

I know what you’re thinking. A clear mascara? What good would that do? Well, hear me out.

Clear mascara is an excellent product if you wish to get fuller lashes (without making it look like you’ve applied something). The transparent produce separates each of your lash hair, coats them with the clear gel, and makes them appear fuller and voluminous naturally. What’s more? The gel formula also conditions your lashes while adding length to them, perfect for the day you want to go for the ‘no makeup’ makeup look!

But if you’re still not convinced on why it needs a definite place in your makeup bag, keep on reading for how you can use it.

To Define Your Brows

You can use a clear mascara to define your brows or give an extra dimension to them. Due to its gel consistency, it’ll give your brows a more polished look. If you wish to go for a wet look, apply more than two coats and see the magic happen.

To Tame The Baby Hair

If you ever looked at a celebrity and thought, “Wow, not a hair is out of place”, it’s due to the many products their hairstylists use to set their hair and say no to flyways. Unfortunately, I do not have a team of hairstylists on speed dial, but I do have something that does the job just fine. A clear mascara, that’s what! Use clear mascara to tame flyaways neatly and in a jiffy. Use your fingertips to evenly spread the clear gel, comb through and you’re done! Now, who’s rocking perfect hair?

Under Your Mascara

Removing mascara is a tedious task and can result in you losing a few lash hair in the process (RIP to all the lashes I’ve lost). But that doesn’t stop us from wearing mascara, am I right? To avoid thinning of your lashes, apply a coat of clear mascara before using your regular one as that will help in making the removal process effortless. You’re welcome!

P.S. When it comes to choosing a makeup product that has multiple uses, not to mention is affordable, this one’s a clear winner, geddit? Have a fabu-lash weekend, my darlings!

Featured Image: Pexels

30 Jul 2020

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