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Clean-Girl Glow: 7 Celebs Who Are Serving Up Major Inspo On The Minimalist Trend

Clean-Girl Glow: 7 Celebs Who Are Serving Up Major Inspo On The Minimalist Trend

You know it: silky skin, blushed cheeks, sleek hair, and subtly defined eyes put together make for an enviable glow up. That’s what we refer to as the clean-girl makeup aesthetic. It’s one of our favourite beauty trends that is definitely here for the long run. And even celebrities can’t get enough of it. The world’s most prettiest stars reach for the clean-girl makeup aesthetic consecutively because it’s got everything you could ask for to look naturally bomb AF.

If you ask us, each one of those barely there makeup looks are utterly stunning. The trend can do no wrong. If you don’t believe us, check out these clean-girl makeup looks served by the most gorgeous celebs who are clearly in love with the trend.

Celebs Rocking The Clean-Girl Makeup Aesthetic

Ethereal Skin

Alia Bhatt is always rocking this trend for the majority of her time in front of cameras and we see why that is. Here she puts the spotlight on her skin with a gorgeous satin pink blush. Her brows are well-defined and her lips feature a simple pink lipstick to complete the look.

Basic Bombshell

Bridgerton star Simone Ashley is the perfect example of how this makeup aesthetic could look on deep brown skin. And she’s totally slaying it. Her makeup features feathered brows, a silky liquid champagne eyeshadow, smokey kohl on her lower lash lines, loads of mascara, and highlighted skin.


Angel Eyes

Leave it to Shraddha Kapoor to look purely angelic. The star puts the focus on her eyes with bronze eyeshadow and brown smokey liner while silky skin is all that completes the look.

Peachy Glow

Selena Gomez can do no wrong. And she’s really the MVP of this makeup style. Here she opts for peachy hues on her lids, cheeks and lips. A strong brow game with half winged eyeliner adds just the right amount of definition to complete this look.

Minimalist Mood

We found our new favourite clean-girl makeup style that we know will look good on all of us. Disha Patani makes a case for soft smokey liner, dewy skin, and a spicy nude lip like it was a match made in heaven. 

In My Nature

This list isn’t complete with supermodel Gigi Hadid showing us how it’s done. With years of touching up her own makeup when need be, the mother-of-one surely she knows her stuff. Here she presents skin highlighted with a rose gold highlighter, defined lashes, and a pretty pink pout.


Clean Slate

Ananya Panday seems to be sworn to this aesthetic too. And she wears it so well. In this shot she shows off matte skin with soft gold lids, tightlined lash lines, and lips doused in gloss.

Experiment with these celeb-approved minimalist makeup looks and you will have a versatile glow up each time.

Featured Images: Instagram

13 Jul 2022

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