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10 Clarifying Shampoos That Cleanse So Well, Your Mane Will Thank You For It!

10 Clarifying Shampoos That Cleanse So Well, Your Mane Will Thank You For It!

In all likelihood, you would have come across shampoos that are branded as ‘clarifying shampoos’ and if you’ve wondered what that means, you have arrived at the right place. Over time, a lot of residue remains in your hair, referred to as buildup. This accumulated excess can be caused by the dirt and dust that you encounter every day when outdoors or even inside, the many styling products you use without a second thought, the exposure to chlorine when swimming and more. In such a scenario, you can imagine the kind of accumulation your scalp and locks are left with, some of which your regular shampoo can’t help with. And that is where the product being discussed comes in. A clarifying shampoo is basically a deep cleansing agent that removes all that unnecessary buildup. 

Best Clarifying Shampoos


Based on your hair type, ranging from coloured to dry and oily, we have rounded up the best of products. Read on and find the best clarifying shampoo that suits all your needs. 

Amazon Keratin Coconut Oil Clarifying Shampoo


Enriched with the goodness of coconut oil, a tried-and-tested ingredient that goes a long way in hair care and has been long established as a go-to, this product is a must-try for those looking to get rid of the accumulated grime. This shampoo is a versatile find that can be used across the board for different types of hair. Along with hydrating and rejuvenating the locks, it also ensures overall wellness.  

Suitable For: All hair types

Acure, Curiously Clarifying Shampoo, Lemongrass & Argan


Finding the best clarifying shampoo without sulfates can be a mean feat, but for those who wish to add to cart the ideal product, this is bound to end your search. The 100 per cent vegan version comes sans sulphates and parabens and is also cruelty-free. All the more the reason for you to opt for this ethical clarifying shampoo. Comprising extracts derived from those ranging from pomegranate to acai and lemongrass, the product is worth indulging in. 

Suitable For: All hair types

Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Clarifying Shampoo


When speaking of the trusted hair care brands, Pantene doesn’t go unmissed. The reliable offerings from the long-established label tend to your hair, and the same can be said for its clarifying shampoo. The formula used imparts a luscious sheen to the hair, making it appear healthy and feeling smooth. Not only this, but it also aids in getting rid of the excess dirt and residue that your scalp can collect over time, making way towards healthy skin underneath your locks. Folks who love their natural hair just the way it is, this one is worth investing in.

Suitable For: Natural hair

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo, Gentle Non-Irritating Clarifying Shampoo


It is no new news that coloured locks need more attention and the ideal products to help you keep them healthy. Whether it is any other type of hair or coloured hair, Neutrogena’s clarifying shampoo helps you get rid of all the gathered residue whilst also maintaining a healthy scalp. Add it to your routine, using it once in a week to get gorgeous hair.

Suitable For: All hair types including coloured hair

Avalon Organics Clarifying Shampoo Lemon


Another organic yet versatile offering that relies on natural ingredients to boost your hair health is Avalon’s version. Laden with lemon, the shampoo helps you get rid of the unseen grime that your scalp has gathered over time. Make sure to include this in your regime for healthy hair and scalp. 

Suitable For: All hair types

Moroccanoil Clarify Shampoo 


If you have browsed the internet for the best clarifying shampoo, chances are that you would have stumbled upon this gem, one opted for by experts as well. A deeply nourishing and cleansing shampoo that does the trick, restoring the balance of your scalp and hence making it healthy. Say goodbye to that buildup and hello to luscious hair that is smooth and feels amazing!

Suitable For: All hair types

Kama Ayurveda Sanobar Hair Cleanser


Comprising the goodness of neem, hibiscus, French cypress and other natural ingredients, this clarifying shampoo for oily scalp, as per the information given out, is 55.5 per cent natural and aimed at those dealing with excessive oiliness in their hair and scalp. Should you be looking for a product that reduces that, whilst not stripping away the essential elements, Kama Ayurveda’s offering is one to try out. Include it in your regimen, swapping your regular shampoo with this one, once in a while. 

Suitable For: Oily hair

Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo


Dry hair appears to be deeply undernourished, often veering towards frizzy, damaged and difficult to maintain. For people with such a hair type too, it’s crucial to take into account the hair products that work in their favour. Case in point: Giovanni’s clarifying shampoo that not only gets rid of the buildup but also hydrates your hair, be it dry or normal, giving way to beautiful locks.  

Suitable For: Dry to normal hair

Kinky Curly Come Clean Natural Moisturizing Shampoo


Anyone who has curls knows the struggle to manage them is real. All hair care products have to be vetted with extra care, keeping in mind that they do not ruin your natural curls. Add to that finding the ideal clarifying shampoo for curly hair and the task feels unmanageable. Fortunately, we found just the offering that will aid you, working in the benefit of your defined curls whilst helping you get rid of the accumulated grime. Oh, and if you thought that was all, it’s also sulphate-free! 

Suitable For: Curly hair

Alberto VO5 Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo

Amalgamating essential Vitamins that aid in hair growth, think Vitamin E, C, H and more, along with extracts of lemongrass and kiwi is this drugstore clarifying shampoo for those looking to include one in their routine. Fairly economical, the trusted shampoo has received rave reviews and works for all hair types, aside from being a unisex product. 

Suitable For: All hair types



Are you still wondering how to choose the best clarifying shampoo? Read through some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject, before taking a decision and adding one to your hair care regimen. 

What is a clarifying shampoo?


Simply put, it deeply cleanses your hair the way your regular shampoo might not be able to. The excessive everyday pollution and dirt that you encounter can have an adverse effect on your hair and scalp. Add to that the oils and products that you use to style your hair and it can have a lot of unneeded accumulation on both the scalp and strands, leading to limp locks. A clarifying shampoo is a way to give your hair adequate nourishment; it removes all the unwanted elements and restores the health of your mane. 

When should one use a clarifying shampoo?  


Include it in your routine but make sure that you do not go overboard with its usage, for that could lead to the product also removing essential oils. From once a week to once a month works well, depending on what is advised by the label you are using and the ingredients it incorporates. In case you have any doubts, clear them out with a specialist before proceeding.

How to use a clarifying shampoo?  


Unlike a conditioner, a clarifying shampoo is to be used on the roots and the scalp. Take a decent amount of it and massage on our scalp. Once applied, give the product a chance to set in. Work it along the strands of your hair and then rinse off with water. Post this, you can use a conditioner or a hair mask. 

How is a clarifying shampoo different from regular shampoo?


A clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses your hair and restores the health of your scalp, removing any unnecessary buildup that occurs due to external factors. A regular shampoo that you use on an everyday basis also does that, however, a thorough cleanse that takes care of the minutest details can only be achieved through the former.  

Keeping your locks nourished takes a lot of effort and research. With that thought in mind, we rounded up some related topics that cover some of the most sought-after themes in hair care. 

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All set with the details you needed to find out about the best clarifying shampoo? Find the one best suited for your hair type and let those locks breathe!

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23 Sep 2020

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