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DIY Beauty Haul: 6 Citrus Essential Oils That Are Loaded With Vitamin C

DIY Beauty Haul: 6 Citrus Essential Oils That Are Loaded With Vitamin C

If your skin and hair isn’t getting enough of vitamin C, you’re missing out. Even your body needs a diet rich in Vitamin C to stay healthy, but when it comes to skincare and haircare, this ingredient just hits different. The topical benefits of this element are so good, your skin and mane will thrive under any circumstance. Fighting sun damage and dandruff are two things this vitamin does best, but the way it reduces those dark spots and eliminates discolouration is unreal. 

You may or may not have found your perfect OTC Vitamin C serum yet, but you can always go the DIY way and incorporate it into your beauty routine with citrus oils. These oils are derived from citrus fruits which naturally contain all the Vit C you could ask for. Beauty DIYs are also especially great because you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. And with the help of citrus essential oils, you will get the best Vitamin C beauty treatment ever. So whether it is a face pack or a scalp scrub that you’re planning on making, these citrus essential oils are what you need to stock up on to elevate your DIY beauty game.

6 Citrus Essential Oils That Are A Boon For Your Beauty Routine


Hybrid Hero

Bergamot essential oil comes from the citrus fruit bergamot orange. This fruit has the size of an orange and the colours of a lime, but the pulp inside is loaded with Vitamin C. This essential oil is the perfect treat for oily and acne prone skin as it helps reduce the size of pimples and keeps skin less oily too. As it is rich in fatty acids it also smoothens the hair cuticles and helps keep your strands tangle-free. The citrusy fragrance of this oil also helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Leaf Of Life

Petitgrain essential oil is derived from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. And this one really works wonders in keeping your skin and hair free of bacteria. Petitgrain essential oil keeps oily scalp fresh and clear as it helps regulate sebum production and treat greasy roots. The anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties also treat acne effectively along with other concerns like rosacea and sunburn.

Lemon Drops

We all know that lemons are a great source of Vitamin C, so there’s no surprise that lemon essential oil is a part of this list. This oil can work wonders in clearing up and brightening your skin. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells that often get trapped in the follicles of your facial fuzz and pores so that there are no pesky breakouts. Even in haircare, it is the ultimate dandruff fix without you having to actually squeeze out the juice of a lemon.

Fruity Pop

Grapefruit essential oil has astringent properties that oily, acne prone skin will love. This oil is so good that it can even be used directly on a pimple as a spot corrector and to reduce the swelling. This oil also has an invigorating scent that enhances your mood. When it comes to haircare, grapefruit oil clears up dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

Nourishing Care

Orange essential oil is a great option for those with dry scalp condition and dandruff. It moisturises and clears dandruff, flakes, and bacteria from the scalp. It also nourishes the hair and makes your mane thicker and stronger. When it comes to skin care, this oil is gentle and effective in reversing sun damage and bringing on your natural radiance. The fragrance of this oil is also great to help you sleep at night.

Flower Power

Neroli essential oil is derived from the flowers that blossom on the bitter orange tree. These flowers would eventually turn into fruit and so they have a unique nutrient portfolio that works miracles for your skin and hair. This oil helps treat dermatitis and scalp irritation and also boosts collagen production in haircare. Using this oil in DIYs will help make your mane look more voluminous and it also can make skin concerns like stretch marks and dark spots disappear. It also soothes inflammation and reduces breakouts.

Note: Always dilute essential oils with carrier oils, water, or other base ingredients before using it on skin and hair. Do a patch test for sensitivity before committing fully to using essentials in your beauty routine.

When you can’t opt for DIY beauty remedies and need some OTC care, try out some Vitamin C rich beauty products. We recommend:

Add these citrus essential oils to your beauty shelf and use them whenever you need some TLC.

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07 Jun 2022

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