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80 Christmas Gifts For Guys That’ll Make Him Love You More!

80 Christmas Gifts For Guys That’ll Make Him Love You More!

Imagine it’s a few days before Christmas. You walk past a store packed with gift options and take a casual glance. Suddenly, this brings you to a screeching halt and makes your stomach drop. You haven’t picked up any gifts for your boyfriend! You scramble to place an order online or run from shop to shop wondering what his favourite colour or hobby is. You are still unsure about what he will like. There are tons of different options and all selecting something that fits him and the occasion can be exhausting. But that will not be a problem for you any longer. We have the list that will make your gifts for your boyfriend or husband stand out this holiday season, and I’m willing to bet my own holiday gifts on it! Moreover, gifting to guys have become pretty exciting in itself. Thankfully, the general lines of masculinity are dissolving. The definitions of what it means to be a man today are evolving – for the better – and guys have started to accept it. This has reflected on the lifestyles we lead and on the products we use as well. The latest fashion trends, looks and skincare products – men are now experimenting with all these, something that they couldn’t pursue a few years back.

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With that being said, here is the list that is sure to fulfill any wish you guy may have and leave him swooning all over you. You can thank me later!

35 Gifts Ideas Based On Personalities


20 Gift Ideas Based On Your Budget

25 Gift Ideas Based On His Profession And Interests

35 Gifts Ideas Based On Personalities

17-christmas-gifts-for-him-personality-based-gifts Image Source: YouTube Most guys generally have a passion that defines them. I am a football junkie and I would do anything to catch my favourite team in action over the weekend. Any gift that will help me watch a game of football more comfortably is something that I will really appreciate. So, whether your boyfriend is into gaming, gadgets or cannot do without his daily dose of sports, we have the gift recommendations that has you covered.

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Gift Ideas For The Gamer Boyfriend

1-christmas-gifts-for-him-gamer-boyfriend Here are some gift suggestions for him that will make him jump with joy like Mario!

  1. A Wireless Gaming Controller – Speaking from personal experience, a gamer can never have enough wireless gamepads with him. There are those angry moments during a FIFA loss where the controller is at the receiving end of it. POPxo Recommends: Pro Wireless Gamepad (Rs 1,299 ) by Redgear
  2. A Dual Gaming Charger – Adding on to the first suggestion, this is a quick and affordable way to recharge two gaming controllers at the same time. Guys have zero patience when it comes to waiting to get back to their gaming. POPxo Recommends: Dual Gaming Controller/USB Charger Station Cradle (Rs 699 ) by Bigbig Mall.
  3. Headsets – A good set of headphones is crucial to have a great gaming experience. Whether you guy is a PUBG fan or even enjoys his music during the time he’s not gaming, this gift will surely make his Christmas. POPxo Recommends: Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED (Rs 1,199) by Kotion Each.
  4. Gaming Keyboard – Add some jazzy lighting effects to his gaming experience. This keyboard has a compact, but a comfortable layout and a wrist rest which makes long gaming sessions a lot easier on the wrists. POPxo Recommends: Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard (Rs 1,299) by Cosmic Byte.
  5. A Water Thermos – When he is deep in a game, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. This cool water thermos will make for an excellent gift for gamers and remind him to take a sip every once in a while. POPxo Recommends: Hydration Water Bottle with Meter (Rs 2,501) by Thermos.

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Gift Ideas For The Tech Lover In Him


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These are some of the most geektastic tech gifts for him you can make this Christmas. Take a look!

  1. A Smart Speaker – Get your boyfriend some hands-free help in the house this Christmas. A smart speaker will help him play songs, answer questions and so much more! POPxo Recommends: Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Rs 4,499) by Amazon.
  2. Light Alarm Clock – This will add that much-needed sunshine to his morning every day, even if it is pouring outside. POPxo Recommends: Sunrise Simulation Dusk Fading Night Light (Rs 2,875) by HBlife.
  3. An LED Light – For all those times he’s up working late, you can add a little glow to his workspace. POPxo Recommends: Adjustable USB LED Light (Rs 499) by 24×7 eMall.
  4. A Smart Key Finder – If your boyfriend is constantly misplacing his keys or can’t find his phone, then he’s in luck. This smart key finder will automatically beep and guide him to his keys via the smartphone. POPxo Recommends: Smart Key Finder (Rs 999) by NutNut
  5. An E-Reader – This is your answer for all the times he mentions he doesn’t have the time to finish all the book on his to-read list. A handy gadget that he can carry anywhere and will rekindle his spirit of reading. POPxo Recommends: Kindle E-reader (Rs 5,999) by Amazon.

Gift Ideas For The Boyfriend Who Is A Sports Freak


  1. A Good Ol’ Pair Of Sports Shoes – Your guy may not be able to hit sixers like Virat Kohli, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift him the shoes that will make him want to try and up his fitness quotient. POPxo Recommends: Virat Kohli Evospeed One8 R White Cricket Shoes (Rs 4,999) by Jabong.
  2. The Ultimate Sports Movie Collection – No sports fan can say no to a great sports movie collection. Chances are that he might even want to sign up for the gym membership after a movie marathon with this set. POPxo Recommends: Rocky Anthology 5 Movies Collection (Rs 3,999) by Excel Innovators.
  3. Soda Saver Dispenser – This a great way to ensure that the fizz in his soft drink last longer than those crazy IPL games. He will be forever thankful for it! POPxo Recommends: Fizz Saver Dispenser Bottle (Rs 299) by Getko With Device
  4. A Sports Medal Display Hanger – Finally, a decent place for your boyfriend to display his elaborate set of medals from his marathons and office tournaments. This will also surely inspire him to get out there and achieve more goals. POPxo Recommends: 18″ Medal Hanger (Rs 1,039) by Fitizen.
  5. Training Sports T-shirt – When he’s going for a game with his friends or a quick run in the morning, this shirt will help him take his sport and style to an all new level. POPxo Recommends: Puma Blue Printed Ascension Training Jersey T-shirt by Jabong.

Gift Ideas For The Guy Who Loves To Be On-The-Go

4-christmas-gifts-for-him-on-the-go-gifts These are some of the practical, everyday things that your man always needed but probably never bothered or found the time, to add to his travel kit. 

  1. Men’s Grooming Kit Grooming on-the-go should not be as tough for men as they make it sound. This shaving kit will ensure he gets that out-of-the-world shave in no time. As a bonus gift, it comes with an easy travel pouch. POPxo Recommends: Good Morning Grooming kit for Men (Rs 399) by Park Avenue.
  2. Comfy Casual Shorts – He could be sporting his best formal suit in the office, but back home or at the hotel, he’ll just slip into whatever is comfortable. These casual shorts will do a long way to ensure that. POPxo Recommends: Grey Melange Solid Regular Fit Regular Shorts (Rs 539) by Jabong.
  3. A Pair Of Good ‘Ol Stocking – If the man in your life is constantly losing his socks or complaining his feet are cold, he probably needs new socks. No number of socks is too less for a guy, making this one of the most practical Christmas gifts ever. POPxo Recommends: Pack Of 7 Multi Coloured Socks (Rs 1,560) by Jabong.
  4. The On-The-Go Water Bottle – A rugged and sturdy bottle that can be easily packed in his favourite bag or backpack will be a hit with the man in your life. POPxo Recommends: Large Flask Blue Water Bottle (Rs 1,790) by Nike.
  5. Take The Weight Off With The Right Bag – All guys on-the-go need a comfy backpack that is lightweight, durable, and just the right level of cool. It’s a no-brainer really. POPxo Recommends: Genx Massager Laptop Backpack (Rs 3,999) by EUME.

Gift Ideas For The Workaholic Boyfriend

5-christmas-gifts-for-him-workaholic-gifts Do you have a workaholic guy in your life who is working even through the holidays? So, if all he cares about is work, why not just buy him something to enhance his professional life?

  1. The Perfect Stress Busting Squeeze Balls – The office offers a whole lot of things to get stress about and it’s important to release them somewhere. These squishy stress balls are perfect for him to let out some steam and refocus ahead. POPxo Recommends: Stress Relief Morph Balls (Rs 399) by Qliva.
  2. A Power Bank – All the rush from home to office and between meetings will mean that he runs out of time to charge his phone. This will guarantee his phone’s battery never fails on him. POPxo Recommends: Power Pro 200 20000mAH Power Bank (Rs 1,659) by Syska.
  3. Cufflinks – No formal looks are complete without a great set of cufflinks and these will go a long way to set the right impression during his presentations. POPxo Recommends: INVICTUS Silver Cufflinks (Rs 349) by Jabong.
  4. Business Tie – A good set of tie brings will help bring out his personality more than anything in his wardrobe. POPxo Recommends: Rohit Bal Navy Blue Tie (Rs 2,250) by Jabong.
  5. An All-Purpose Work Bag – Your remedy to him carelessly stuffing his bag with his work stuff, laptops and documents. POPxo Recommends: Roadster Brown Solid Messenger Bag (Rs 1,119) by Roadster.

Gift Ideas For The Fun-Loving Boyfriend

6-christmas-gifts-for-him-funloving-gifts If your boyfriend is one of those people whose love for unconventional things are unparallel, these are all the gift suggestions that will reflect that cooler side in him.

  1. A VR Device – Quick, snappy and easily attachable on most phone, this gadget will take his movie- or sports-viewing experience to another level. POPxo Recommends: ONE Virtual Reality Headset (Rs 2,199) by Procus.
  2. A Pair Of Cool Sunglasses – Sunglasses make great gifts. They’re useful, fun, and fashionable, and unlike clothing, you can’t offend your guy by buying him the wrong size! POPxo Recommends: John Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses (Rs 3,499) by Lenskart.
  3. A Reversible Jacket – It’s practical, stylish and offers him the option to change his look any time of the day! POPxo Recommends: Here & Now Grey Printed Quilted Jacket (Rs 2,549) by Jabong.
  4. An Ice Cube Mould – You know he will absolutely love this one when he gets to show off the perfect round ice cubes at the next house party. POPxo Recommends: Sphere Ice Molds Mould (Rs 799) by Lifestyle-You.
  5. A Designer Passport Holder – Here’s something that will appeal to the inner hipster in him. Even if he’s flying domestic, he’ll make sure to carry it with him. POPxo Recommends: Bombay Brown Passport Wallet (Rs 695) by Hidekraft.

Gift Ideas For The Romantic Boyfriend

7-christmas-gifts-for-him-romantic-gifts These are the sweet, but not so cheesy, presents for the man in your life that will add that little extra passion in your relationship this holiday season.

  1. Scented Candles – If your guy is a romantic at heart, he will love scented candles! Who wouldn’t love their rooms smelling nice and inviting? POPxo Recommends: Scented Candle Combo Box of 4 (Rs 399) by POPxo.
  2. A Set Of Love Letters – This gift will ensure he can write down his feelings for you whenever they come calling and save them for later. POPxo Recommends: 3 Romantic Cheesy Love Letters Gift (Rs 409) by Oye Happy.
  3. Cologne – Because you’ll be snuggling up close to your partner, you’ll want to pick a fragrance that will appeal to his senses, as well as your own likings. POPxo Recommends: David Beckham Respect Edt 90ml (Rs 1,450) by Jabong.
  4. Espresso Maker – For all those mornings you’ve spent the night over at his place! POPxo Recommends: Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker (Rs 3,890) by Morphy Richards.
  5. A Recipe Book For Date Nights – No matter the food, it’s always more romantic when he cooks for you. So, it’s good if he has a few easy meals preps handy. POPxo Recommends: Easy Dates Cookbook (Rs 891) by Booksumo Press

20 Gift Ideas Based On Your Budget

18-christmas-gifts-for-him-buget-based-gifts Image Source: YouTube Whenever I’ve received Christmas gifts, I’ve always seen the price tagged scratched off on most of the covers. I understand the gesture, but it’s not like you cannot go online and find the price! Trust me, that is the last thing guys think about when you gifting them something they love. From the exorbitant to the delightfully inexpensive, we have the list of gifts for your guy that suits every budget. Besides, there should not be a price-tag on love.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Him This Christmas

8-christmas-gifts-for-him-inexpensive-gifts These economical gifts are proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a man happy.

  1. Make A Personal Photo Collection – Print out some of your favourite memories together and make them into a decorative wallhanging! POPxo Recommends: Photo Hanging Display with Clip Fishing Net Wall Decor (Rs 253) by Edal.
  2. A Laundry Sorter – You know how much he hates loosing his socks in the washing machine. So why not give him a small pouch to keep his precious items seperate during the wash. POPxo Recommends: Fabric Laundry Organizer (Rs 199) by House of Quirk.
  3. His Personal Organiser – A handy organiser for him to conveniently scribble down his thoughts in his room or at the workplace. POPxo Recommends: Vinyl Wall Sticker Removable Decal Chalkboard (Rs 275) by House of Quirk.
  4. A Quirky Phone Holder – This will work perfectly when it comes to holding his smartphone during those long binge-watching sessions. POPxo Recommends: Adjustable Mobile Holder for Smartphones (Rs 149) by SaiTech IT.
  5. A Multipurpose Deskpad For His Laptop – A perfect accessory he can use at his office and home. Moreover, it’s practical and doesn’t cost a bomb. POPxo Recommends: Laptop Keyboard Mouse Felt Pad (Rs 499) by House of Quirk.

Gift Ideas That Will Help Him (and you!) Save Money

9-christmas-gifts-for-him-gifts-that-you-can-save These gift ideas are the ones that keep on giving. Moreover, they’re so good, he’ll never know how much you really spent!

  1. Gift Cards – One of the safer gifts you can give if you are pressed for time. It’s such a convenient gift, both for the recipient as well as the giver. POPxo Recommends: Amazon Pay Email Gift Card (Rs 500 – Rs 10,000) by Amazon.
  2. A Beard Care Kit – November and winters mean that a lot of guys are sporting their rugged unshaven looks. A beard care kit will provide the basics need help him get his best-looking beard. POPxo Recommends: Gangs Of Beard Starter’s Kit For Men (Rs 809) by Gangs of Beard.
  3. A Video Streaming Device – If he is spending a fortune on the numerous different video subscriptions, here’s a great way to trim some of those expenses. POPxo Recommends: Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote (Rs 3,999) by Amazon.
  4. A T-Shirt Combo – Guys need casual t-shirts all the time. They may not say it enough though, which is why this gift will surely be appreciated. What’s more, it will definitely be bang for the buck. POPxo Recommends: Men’s Cotton T-Shirt – Pack of 4 (Rs 999) by Aarbee.
  5. An Instant Popcorn Maker –  A healthy and delicious way to make your popcorn in just minutes. You can directly use corn kernels here, saving a ton of money on popcorn. POPxo Recommends: Aluminum Popcorn Maker (Rs 899) by Sokany.

Gift Ideas To Give Your Boyfriend Under Rs. 1500

10-christmas-gifts-for-him-gifts-under-1500 Here are some of the most amazing, coolest and truly, verily one of a kind presents for your guy all under 1500!

  1. A Spunky Wallclock – In an age of phone and smartwatches, we still keep glancing around for a wall clock. This will also be light on the wallet time and time again. POPxo Recommends: Buildings Wall Clock (Rs 1,495) by Chumbak.
  2. Personal Care Item Combo – Between the hustle and bustle of everyday life, men are also taking the time out to take care of their face and skin. This will prove to be a blessing in disguise. POPxo Recommends: Activated Charcoal Body Wash (Rs 899) by Big Handsome Man.
  3. A Leather Wallet – A wallet is a staple accessory for any guy. You cannot go wrong with this one! POPxo Recommends: Louis Philippe Black Wallet (Rs 899) by Jabong.
  4. A Self Stirring Mug – For all the times your guy is too lazy to stir his coffee or just enjoys the contents morph into a whirlpool, this will be a fun, economical addition to his kitchen. POPxo Recommends: StirMug53 (Rs 399) by Self Stirring Mug.
  5. Battery Juice Case For Phone – No one carries cash in their pockets anymore, but we do wish we have more change for our phone batteries. Here is the solution. Ta-da! POPxo Recommends: Card Wallet Holder With Inbuilt Power Bank for phone (Rs 1,124) by NK-Store.

Gift Ideas Under Rs. 3000 That Will Surely Make An Impression

11-christmas-gifts-for-him-gifts-under-3000 Here are some of the unique gift suggestions for your boyfriend all under INR 3000 which will make him fall in love again!

  1. A Luxury Experience Gift Card – An elegant gift that will surely make his day when he receives it and when he encashes it to take you on a date. POPxo Recommends: Taj Experiences E-Gift Card (Rs 2500) by Taj Experiences.
  2. A Travel Backpack For His Weekend Getaways – A great Christmas gift if you guys are planning a trip around that time. It is durable and withstands most weather conditions. POPxo Recommends: Wildcraft 60 Ltrs Orange Rucksack (Rs 2,923) by Wildcraft.
  3. A Portable Bluetooth Speaker – If he is a bathroom singer or cannot do without his music wherever he goes, he will surely appreciate this one. POPxo Recommends: boAt Stone 260 (Rs 1,199) by Boat.
  4. An Artisan Storage Box – A great way for him to store books, towels, art supplies and even unsightly miscellaneous! You can also get it custom painted with his favourite things. POPxo Recommends: Buxa Metal Storage Trunk – Long-Aqua (Rs 1,696) by Elan.
  5. Hair Trimmer – The perfect grooming solution for him to look his best. It’s durable and skin-friendly and makes for a convenient travel accessory as well. POPxo  Recommends: Philips DuraPower Beard Trimmer (Rs 1,999) by Philips.

25 Gift Ideas Based On His Profession And Interests

19-christmas-gifts-for-him-buget-based-gifts Image source: YouTube Nothing makes a guy happier than being able to flaunt the gift you got him among his colleagues. For that week, it’s the one thing everyone around him notices and the thing he cannot stop talking about. In order to get him the perfect present, you need something that fits into his professional life as well as calls out his other interests. Here are some suggestions that will help make your decision all the more simple!


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Gift Ideas Every Young Professional Guys Will Love

12-christmas-gifts-for-him-professional-gifts Every young professional wants two things in life — simplicity and anything that saves time. If your boyfriend is just starting his career, these gifts will fit right into his life without a shade of doubt.

  1. An Instant Cooking Pot – Meal preps can be tough. An instant cooking pot will ensure he can fix up a quick dinner or lunch with little or no prep. POPxo Recommends: Panasonic SR-WA10 450-Watt Automatic Cooker (Rs 1,239) by Panasonic.
  2. A Large Comfy Bean Bag – If he’s working from home, he would like to be as comfortable as possible. And is there anything more comfortable than a good, soft bean bag? POPxo Recommends: Highback Beanbag and Footstool (Rs 899) by The Bean Bag.
  3. Shoe Cleaning Kit – Get him a shoe shine kit, so his formal shoes always look great. POPxo Recommends: Men’s Shoes Cleaning Kit with Box Wooden Handle Brushes (Rs 790) by Connectwide.
  4. A Tie And Belt Rack – To keep all of his ties, belts, and scarves at the ready, get him a compact tie rack organizer. This way he can find the perfect tie in a snap. POPxo Recommends: Rotating Plastic Scarf, Accessories, Necktie Belt Hanger Holder (Rs 500) by Hokipo.
  5. Wrinkle-Free Bed Linens – If he’s rushing to work during his first month, creases on his bedsheets are the last thing to bother him. Take it off his mind altogether with these wrinkle-free linens! POPxo Recommends: Cotton Double Wrinkels Free Bed Linens Bedsheet (Rs 497) by Shopicted.

Gift Ideas For The Chef In Him

13-christmas-gifts-for-him-chef-gifts The likes of Gordon Ramsey and shows like Masterchef have inspired the dormant culinary expert in most guys. If you guy’s love for you is as much as his passion for food and cooking, do not think twice about getting him some of these gifts below.

  1. A Splash-Proof Cooking Apron – Cooking is a messy affair with a lot of splashes and spills. This apron will ensure that he doesn’t get any of those sauces on his favourite shirt. POPxo Recommends:  Waterproof Black Cooking Print Polyester Kitchen Apron (Rs 275) by Switchon.
  2. A Cool Storage Rack To Organise His Meal Preps – If he is one of those people who are constantly forgetting where the salt or the spices are, this storage pack will help organise is meal preps like nothing else. POPxo Recommends: Slim 3-Tier Plastic Side-Storage Rack Shelf with Wheels (Rs 899) by House of Quirk.
  3. A Chef’s Knife He Can Call His Own – This is the one thing in his kitchen arsenal that will enable him to take on any recipe – no matter the outcome. POPxo Recommends: High-Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set (Rs 799) by Solimo.
  4. A Magnetic Knife and Steel Rack – Another kitchen staple to ensure he doesn’t misplace this steel spoons or that all-important chef’s knife you got him! POPxo Recommends: Wall Mount Magnetic Knife Storage Holder (Rs 375) by Hariswarup Enterprise.
  5. Oven Mitts – I have burnt my hands countless times while reaching for that baking tray in the oven. If your guy makes the same mistake I do, then these gloves will make him happy. POPxo Recommends: Cotton Heat Resistant Oven Gloves (Rs 249) by Airwill.

Gift Ideas For The Bike Enthusiast Or Motorhead

14-christmas-gifts-for-him-biker-gifts There’s a big possibility that your guy is a biker and already possess some of the things necessary for his trips. So here is a list of gifts that will add to his already impressive biking kit and make him want to take you out for a spin, again.

  1. Riding Eyewear – Wearing this pair of goggles will take good care of his eyes from harmful particles and wind as well make him look fashionable and cool. POPxo Recommends: Retro Motorcycle Riding Eyewear (Rs 566) by Gloryelen.
  2. A Helmet Lock – Helmets are a precious commodity and stray one will always get misplaced or stolen. This will help him keep his head and helmet safe. POPxo Recommends: Multipurpose Number Lock for Bike Helmet (Rs 399) by Brecken Paul.
  3. An Action Camera For All His Biking Getaways – He can attach it to helmet or the front of his bike and record all his adventures. POPxo Recommends: Waterproof Sports Action Camera (Rs 7,153) by Giantree.
  4. A Cool Biker Jacket – Riding jackets are probably the most desired gift by many bikers every Christmas. Aside from providing them relief from the cold, jackets will also make him look good and feel good. POPxo Recommends: Wrogn Burgundy Solid Biker Jacket (Rs 2,399) by Jabong.
  5. A Bike Cleaning Kit – A really useful gift to make sure your boyfriend speeds up cleaning his bike and spends the time saved with you! POPxo Recommends: Bike Cleaning Kit With Wash and HosePipe (Rs 899) by Speedwav.

Gift Ideas For The Adventure Junkie

15-christmas-gifts-for-him-adventurer If you have a boyfriend with adventure on his mind, then here’s the perfect gift guide for you.

  1. A Scratch-Off Travel Map – This is a great way for him to keep a track of the places he’s visited or is there on his bucket list. POPxo Recommends: Ureka Tube World Scratch Off Travel Map (Rs 895) by Flying Clouds.
  2. A Cozy Travel Blanket – He can keep this in his backpack or vehicle and wrap it around on those chilly mornings when he’s on the road. POPxo Recommends: Solid Polyester Single Blanket (Rs 349) by Aazeem.
  3. Travel Pillows – A proper night’s rest can be difficult on-the-go. This will ensure that he can peacefully doze off without a concern on those journeys. POPxo Recommends: Cuddly Panda Travel Pillow With Eye Mask (Rs 1,495) by Chumbak.
  4. A Camera Strap – Here’s something that will keep his camera stable when he’s taking one of your new display pics on your trips! POPxo Recommends: Camera Straps and Belt Grip for DSLR (Rs 255) by Electomania.
  5. Hiking Shoes – You never know what weather he may encounter on his trips and it’s best to be prepared – come puddles or rubbles. POPxo Recommends: Columbia Redmond Waterproof Outdoor Hiking & Trekkin Sports Shoes (Rs 3,249) by Jabong.

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Gift Ideas For The Boyfriend Who Is A Writer


  1. Waterproof Notepads – Sometimes the best ideas for stories plop into his head in the shower! This is why he surely needs these. POPxo Recommends: All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook (Rs 1,319) by Rite In The Rain.
  2. A Space Age Pen – A pen that will make for a perfect accessory for his bedside table in case he has anything erratic thoughts before snoozing. It’ll even write lying down if he’s too lazy get up. POPxo Recommends: Anti-Gravity Space Ball Point Pen (Rs 1,495) by Greenbrier.
  3. A Cure For His Writer’s Block – If only there were a magic cure for writer’s block. Oh wait, there is! Give him this book already. POPxo Recommends: Around the Writer’s Block (Rs 453) by Rosanne Bane.
  4. A Writer’s Calendar – One of the best ways to improve his writing is to commit to doing a little bit every single day. And to do that, it helps to have a calendar to check off every single day’s accomplishment. POPxo Recommends: Bibliophile 2019 12-Month Planner (Rs 1,322) by Jane Mount.
  5. An Anti-Glare Screen Protector – Just something to help comfort his eyes when he’s on one of his extended writing sessions. POPxo Recommends: Anti-Glare Filter for 14.0-Inch Widescreen Notebook (Rs 1,799) by 3M.

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