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Kim K’s Hairstylist Fills Us In On 3 Secrets To Getting A Snatched Face

Kim K’s Hairstylist Fills Us In On 3 Secrets To Getting A Snatched Face

While many on TikTok and Instagram sculpt and chisel their faces with contour and concealer to play into the effect of ultra-snatched cheekbones and jawlines, you might want to note that styling your mane a certain way has quite the say in whether these methods come through for your face or not. Chris Appleton, to whom A-listers like Kim K and Jennifer Lopez entrust their waves time and again, has us changing the way we do our mane every day — and in three no-effort tips for the hair that he swears by for all of his clients. Because it’s time you tap into your true potential already. Let Appleton help you do that. Check it out!

Here’s How Kim K’s Hairstylist Defines His Clients’ Face In Three Steps

Chris Appleton-Approved Tip #NumberOne

Appleton suggests curling your hair away from the face instead of toward the face. This switch-up instantly opens up the face, highlights the cheekbones, and makes you look youthful. Think about it. If you’re curling your hair inward, you’re hiding your cheeks and rounding the face shape off instead of defining and sculpting your features.


Pro Tip: Do run a heat-protecting spray or serum through your hair before going over it with a flat iron.

Chris Appleton-Approved Tip #NumberTwo

While a side-part might appeal to many, it’s time to divorce the aesthetic, and for the same reason, Appleton recommended curling your face-framing tendrils outwards instead of inwards. According to the hairstylist, opting for a middle part shows off your cheekbones and makes your hairline look fuller. It makes you look young and fresh too without you having to do anything other than move your hair around a little.


Pro Tip: Do apply an anti-frizz serum through the roots, length, and tips to tame flyaways and breakage.

Chris Appleton-Approved Tip #NumberThree

The third step involves ditching your mid-length ponytail for a sky-high ‘do. In Appleton’s words, ‘Follow the cheekbones and aim for the gods.’ He sweeps the model’s hair back into an extra-high ponytail, and the difference is evident. While the mid-length ‘do doesn’t highlight any of their features, the latter does, and effortlessly so.


Pro Tip: Don’t make the ‘do too tight. This can result in headaches, pain, breakage, alopecia, and other such symptoms in the long term.

Notice how none of these techniques enlists the expertise of fancy hairsprays or tools. They’re extremely accessible and effortless. Which one of these simple, no-effort hair hacks are we replicating today?


Featured Image: Instagram

07 Dec 2022
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