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9 Hairstyles When You Wanna Bun But Make It Fun

9 Hairstyles When You Wanna Bun But Make It Fun

When it comes up creating a laid-back, chic look, the bun always has your back. Why? Well, a bun takes basically no skill, yet it has the ability to add major It-girl points to your look in moments.

Whether you love a messy bun or the super sleek Y2K vibe that’s seen strands get neater and a little more done – Buns make for the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle because they look ultra-modern. The bun is our trusty best bud when we want to feel pulled together, and a little bit schmancy. So in an effort to look good, we combed through Instagram to find the coolest bun hairstyles that are set to dominate for the rest of the year. Keep scrolling for all the inspiration and styling advice you need.

We’re Losing It Over These 9 Bun Hairstyles!

Too Glam To Give A Damn

This ‘90s-inspired bun is about to become your go-to weekend hairstyle. A loose face-framing tendril really defines the look. It’s best to section them off before you secure your bun, so don’t be afraid to break out your flat iron to get them sleek.

High On Style!

Sure, you wear a sleek low bun most days of the week, but how often do you decorate it before running out the door? Finish off your bun with a wrapping of ribbon or even a scrunchie to mix things up? 


Business In The Front, Party In The Back

If a hairdo could embody us rn, it would be the twist-knot bun. We keep seeing the trend crop up across our Insta grid and its 100% copying stat. The hairstyle trend sees hair immaculately center-parted or combed back super neatly at the crown, then twisted up into a knot with the ends left loose and more casual. 

To Look Like You’ve Chilling By The Pool

Addison Rae’s messy-look bun is giving us seriously California cool-girl vibes. You can get this look by combing a little gel through your hair before twisting it up. Be sparing though- you want to look like you’ve been chilling by a pool, and not like you’ve forgotten to wash your hair.

Tiny Tendrils To Make Heads Turn!

Yes, tendrils are still a hit. Suffer from flyaways? Smooth your section with a little oil or pomade to get them to gather together. Adorn any hairstyles with tendrils, and this season, you’ll be on to a winner.

Bunned Up

If you have short hair, you’ll need a spritz of hair spray to stop your strands from moving about. This hairstyle will literally take you seconds to master. Bookmark this compliment-inducing hairstyle to make a head-turning statement.


Braid Babe

Not for beginners but a braided bun is an easy and impressive way to pull your look together if you can plait. Make sure your strands are moisturised before you start to create slip as your braid.

Tres Chic

The whole point of a messy bun is that it should be quick and easy, but if you want to look purposely messy, not garabge-fire messy, mist your hair with dry shampoo or texturising spray before throwing it into a loose bun.

For A Slight 90s Vibe

Yes, your bun can look crazy-unique if you want it to. Take a cue from Kylie Jenner. Just take out two face-framing tendrils on the front. For the ‘90s vibe, add side-swept bangs on one side.

Bookmark these hairstyles because they are going to be huge this summer!


Featured Image: Instagram

09 Mar 2022

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