10 Chic Pieces That Take The Guesswork Out Of A Hump Day

Srishti SabharwalSrishti Sabharwal  |  Dec 21, 2017
10 Chic Pieces That Take The Guesswork Out Of A Hump Day

No matter how much you love going to work, midweek blues manage to creep up somehow. There are only two ways to look at it – two days conquered or two more days to go (for the weekend, obviously). Either way, to make the day a tad bit easier, you need a couple of chic pieces that perk up the mood and make Wednesday’s feel like the weekend. Deciding what to wear to work can take up a lot of unnecessary time and energy, making your mornings easier are 10 chic pieces that’ll take the guesswork out of a hump day.   

1. Slip dress


Easy in, easy out is the only trick you must remember for a day like this. Layer a slip dress with a chunky sweater to give it a pencil skirt effect or just wear it as is. Style it with leather booties or basic sneakers – whatever the weather demands. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! Who’s laughing now, hump day! 

Price: ₹ 1,699. Buy it here.

2. A statement leather jacket


Get the weekend vibes on with a statement jacket that makes you feel party ready. After all, you need to stay positive to get through the day! Dress it up with a cute blouse or dress it down with basic black tights and a turtleneck. We trust the leather jacket to take any outfit up a notch.

Price: ₹ 3,990. Buy it here.

3. Really classy flats


Wednesday might not be the best day to slip into a pair of heels, and that’s fine. To make dressing up even easier, get yourself a pair of really classy flats. You know the kind with embellishments or an animal print, maybe? They have the power to elevate even the simplest of looks.

Price: ₹ 952. Buy it here.

4. Or white sneakers


Not a big flats fan? It’s all right, the trends are in your favour. You still have white sneakers to save the day! They’re 2017 classic and the best way to get the weekend started TBH. The 2018 upgrade, of course, are the embroidered numbers. So channel your edgy side by wearing sneakers with a chiffon shirt and a leather skirt.

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5. A t-shirt that speaks


Slogan tees made quite a statement last year. From celebrities to fashion bloggers – they were undoubtedly a favourite amongst fashion girls. In case you don’t already have a slogan tee in your closet, get yourself one and save yourself those extra 15 mins of styling in the morning. Wear it under a blazer for work. 

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6. An office-appropriate pencil skirt


Hump day can be such a drag, right? All the more reason to wear something that not only makes you feel sexy but is also quite easy to style and pull off. An office-appropriate pencil skirt, for instance, worn with a nautical sweater and ballet flats is as easy and failsafe as it gets!

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7. Blue jeans that fit like second skin


We can’t emphasise enough on the importance of owning a pair of well-fitting blue jeans! Trust us, with one of these hanging in your wardrobe, you’ll save yourself SO much time every morning while getting ready for work. It’s all about the right fit!

Price: ₹ 2,199. Buy it here.

8. The quintessential winter overcoat


Since it’s that time of the year again, we’re sure dressing up for work is tougher than ever. We suggest investing in an overcoat that makes even the simplest of dresses look well put together. You totally need a saviour like this one to wear to work.

Price: ₹ 2,600. Buy it here.

9. Waist belts to the rescue!


Whether it’s an oversized flannel shirt or an ill-fitted shirt dress, a waist belt can make one hell of a difference. Cinch that waist and you’re ready before you know it for work or a party.

Price: ₹ 699. Buy it here.

10. A neutral tote bag


Bags don’t get the kind of attention they deserve from us but they have the power to make or break our look. It’s such a bummer when you have to change your entire outfit just because you don’t have a bag that complements it. Invest in a neutral tote bag that puts this hassle aside for good on a hump day.

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Stay stylish at work!