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I Tried Chemical Exfoliators To Treat My Summer Breakouts & Here’s How It Turned Out

I Tried Chemical Exfoliators To Treat My Summer Breakouts & Here’s How It Turned Out

With all the buzz surrounding chemical peels and exfoliators, I finally decided to give it a chance to relive my skin of those pesky summer breakouts. ‘Will it work?’ was the question I kept asking myself, time and again, because, seriously, dealing with acne in the summer isn’t a cakewalk. As the temperatures fluctuated, reaching new heights each time, my skin experienced tons of unwelcomed pimples that were so painful, that it really put a damper on my mood. 

The situation was so bad that I knew I had to refrain from harsh physical exfoliators, too, because the abrasive texture of grainy face scrubs was sure to cause irritation and more damage to my very much active acne. I needed to exfoliate, yet I couldn’t rub the area with abrasive scrubs, or else the breakouts would just get worse. That’s when I put my faith entirely in chemical exfoliants as I knew they held the promise to gently slough away my skin woes. So, did chemical exfoliators work on my combination acne-prone skin? Let’s find out.

Why Chemical Exfoliators?


Chemical exfoliators do not have an abrasive texture and aren’t meant to be massaged or rubbed onto the skin. They instead work like exfoliating face masks and gently remove impurities from the skin. AHAs or BHAs are used in formulating these products and they are meant to be applied and left on for a certain amount of time and then washed off with water. These chemical exfoliants are available in different strengths for efficient skin exfoliation and there is also a good variety to choose from for all the different skin types and concerns. These products use acids to remove built-up dead skin cells, unclog pores, exfoliate acne, reduce pigmentation, and banish dark spots and sign s of ageing. The best part is they are safe for acne prone skin as there is no friction involved in the exfoliation process which is super ideal.

How Did I Use Chemical Exfoliators In My Skincare Routine?


Patch Test

I first did a sensitivity test to see if my skin agrees with the product. I chose a nature-infused chemical exfoliant to treat my skin, and I found that my skin could easily tolerate it after testing it on the back of my hand. So, I went ahead and stuck to only this single exfoliating peel to clear up my skin in the summer.

Clean Slate

Chemical exfoliants should be applied onto clean skin. So, I washed my face with a hydrating face wash, patted it dry, and then applied an even layer of the chemical peel to my skin. The instructions said to leave it on for only 10 minutes and then wash it off with water. I followed the steps to the T and experienced no irritation whatsoever.

Dry Crime

It is criminal to skip moisturiser, especially if you are using chemical exfoliators. I applied a generous amount of a nature-infused moisturiser to my skin to keep my skin barrier hydrated and soothed. I did this immediately after using the peel and toning my skin. Even in terms of toners, I stuck to natural formulas like rose water or tea tree-infused face mists so that my skin is not overwhelmed with too many chemical-based products.

Third Time’s A Charm

Since the summer season requires oily or acne-prone skin types to exfoliate more, I used my gentle exfoliating peel three times a week. And this wasn’t excessive at all. At first, I began with only once a week and then realised I needed to unclog my pores some more to completely banish the acne. I also ensured I used a gentle toner after the peel each time as that helped remove the impurities and dead skin cells that were unrooted by the peel and may have been left behind.

Sunny Bunny

After using the peel, I made sure to use sun protection during the day. Sunscreen helped keep my skin protected and calm. It is recommended to use SPF after chemical peels because your skin is more susceptible to sun damage after exfoliation.

The Verdict

My skin felt miraculously clean and clear without irritation after switching to chemical exfoliators. I noticed that the whiteheads and blackheads that are constantly there on my skin also cleared up, and that’s a big deal. My skin texture immediately appeared more refined and even signs of dullness disappeared. I did notice very slight peeling of skin on the uppermost layer but it wasn’t at all painful and only goes to show that the peel actually worked and was super gentle while at it.

If you’ve been contemplating switching to chemical exfoliators, please give it a try. These products are seriously worth the hype.

Featured Images: Pexels

14 Jun 2022

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