In love With The Mermaid’s Zodiac Sign? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Pisces Women!

Chhavi PorwalChhavi Porwal  |  Mar 6, 2017
In love With The Mermaid’s Zodiac Sign? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Pisces Women!


Mysterious like a mermaid, a Pisces woman keeps her secrets safe. She has a spiritual and romantic mind. A Piscean woman and is passionate yet sensitive. So watch out for this one!

Pisceans are mostly curious and gentlewomen, you can call them true dreamers. They like to focus on the unseen knowledge in their lives such as intuition, spirituality and religion and are always trying to find a deeper meaning in their social interactions. Piscean women observe the patterns in people’s actions, they observe things others might ignore. They are artistic, they love to express their passion through dancing, singing and painting. Their work is often whimsical but charming. They love to experiment.

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Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Neptune which makes a Pisces woman intuitive and spiritual. With an imaginative and dreamy nature, a Piscean woman must decide whether she wants to move wide the tide or against it.

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Pisces Woman In Love
Pisces Woman In Bed
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Pisces Woman Behaviour
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Facts About A Pisces Woman

The Pisces Woman Compatibility

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1. The Pisces Woman and Her Friends

Have you ever caught your Pisces friend daydreaming while you were discussing your issues with her? Well, that’s normal. Pisces women often fly off to their private world, but they are the most caring friends you can ever have. Pisces is a water sign and hence, women born under this sign are full of emotions and empathy. Because of their intuitive nature, Piscean women can guess your mood and state of mind and then, act supportive accordingly.

2. The Pisces Woman and Her Partner

Pisces women are a pacifist by nature. They keep the flow of their relationship easy and relaxed but if there is not much to gain from it, they prefer not to row the boat at all. Their relationships are very emotional, sensitive and imaginative. They look for a partner who can provide them with a sense of security. Pisces women are generous and they may give too much to a relationship that they feel is worthy.

3. The Pisces Woman Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Pisces women are more compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. Meanwhile, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius are the least compatible signs for Pisces. The relationships between Pisces and Virgo or Pisces and Leo can be a bit frustrating. Pisces and Virgo may enjoy a great sex life but the communication and understanding between the two may be strained.

The Pisces Woman Career

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The Pisces Woman Career in Creative Fields

Out of all the signs, Pisces is probably the most creative one. They are imaginative. This quality of theirs allows them to do well in fields like filmmaking, photography, animator, monk, counselor and so on. They enjoy and appreciate the organic process of inspiration and learning. They perform better in an unstructured environment. They can become great religious teachers or they might just surprise you with their bartending skills.

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The Pisces Woman Career in Cooperative Fields

Pisceans are not-so-much of coming-on-time and leaving-on-time kind of workers, so a nine to five corporate job is not their playground to be in. They are, however, dedicated to their projects, so if they’ve taken work on, you don’t need to worry. They may or may not deliver on the deadline every time, but they sure are responsible individuals and care a lot about their work and their image at work, so their work tends to be of a high standard.

The Pisces Woman Negative Traits

Where there is positive, there’s also negative. Nobody’s perfect, including Pisceans. Here are some of the negative traits of Pisces.

1) Pisceans are escapists. When something doesn’t go right, they often blame it on luck or others.

2) They are over-sensitive. While being sensitive is great, being over-sensitive pushes their lives towards a lot of uninvited drama.

3) They are lazy but only about the things that don’t matter to them.

4) They have an idealistic nature which may annoy people around them. If you present anything less than perfect or something mediocre to them, it might not make them very happy.

5) They are also pessimists, especially, when things are not turning out the way they imagined. They often want to control the situation and when they feel things have gotten out of hand, the pessimist in them immediately emerges.

6) Pisceans are weak-willed and may get demoralized easily. Even when they are talented and have everything they’ll need to make things right, they have low self-esteem.

7) Handling money is not a Pisces woman’s thing.

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The Pisces Woman In Love

The rose pink version of love is for the Pisceans. A Piscean woman often daydreams about romance and scintillating nights with a loved one. Candlelight dinner by the sea, a rose bouquet and romantic music can make it a perfect night for a Piscean woman. However, she may take her time to fall in love as she can allow her shy nature to dominate her love life. She prefers to engage in love slowly and carefully.

In the matters of love, a Piscean expects mystery and magic. Don’t be surprised if she often daydreams. She loves the idea of love. A Piscean woman is always aware of how people around her feel about her. If you can handle and appreciate her imagination then the Piscean woman will become the most faithful and devoted partner you have ever met.

The Pisces Woman In Bed

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Pisces women are all heart. So even sex is an emotional matter for Pisces women. They like to keep things sensual and playful. They appreciate a fancy bedroom set up on special occasions. They often fantasize about candlelight dinners and sensual scents. They love sex that involves a lot of surprises, the more the better. Piscean women are not the ones who separate sex and love. For them, these two are deeply connected, rather they make each other stronger and better.

The Pisces Woman Sexual Traits

Sexually, Pisces women can be submissive. They tend to connect sex with something stronger than just a physical act. They are mature and they love to pamper their partner by agreeing to their wishes. They are sensitive and tender in bed and are passionate at the same time. They know just how to seduce and woo their partner. They demand a lot of attention and foreplay in bed, which helps in taking the relationship to another level.

The Pisces Woman Appearance

Have you met those women who don’t just follow trends, but create them? Pisces women are among them. They create and experiment with style and can have a great aesthetic. They have their own other-worldly skills when it comes to appearances and style. Pisces women love to dress like the world is their fantasy land. They love colours and fairy-like dresses. They would enjoy wearing drapes and flowy fabrics like voile, chiffon and silk. Even though they have no interest in passing fashion trends, they are always dressed well and their sense of style can be spotted from a distance. Pisces women love to shop for beauty products. Everything about their appearance shines out. They are more into makeup and hairstyles and less into skincare. They love addictive fragrances, sweet aromatherapy and their hair are their pride. They take good care of their hair under all circumstances, so you can expect them to have long and silky hair.

The Pisces Woman Behaviour

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Pisces women are highly intuitive, which means they can guess when you are not in a good mood or are going through something serious. They are emotional and sensitive so chances are that they will always be around in the times of need. Not only are they great friends, but they are also easy to talk to. You may or may not get a solution to your problem but they definitely help you ease out the pain. They are dreamy and fun-loving. If you have a Piscean woman around you, then you probably recognize her as someone who keeps on hopping from one place to another, of course, after she’s checked out daydreaming from her daily schedule. She is mystical. Doesn’t matter how much you feel you know her, there’s always a secret that she’s hiding (for good of course). If you love listening to stories, or made-up stories to be more precise, go and spend a night with a Pisces woman, she’s too creative to let you go without a good story.

The Pisces Actors & Actresses

If you are a Pisces yourself, we bet you want to know which of your favourite stars are most like you. So here’s a list of popular stars whom you share your sun sign with.

1. Aamir Khan

2. Shashi Kapoor

3. Alia Bhatt

4. Bobby Deol

5. Anupam Kher

6. Honey Singh

7. Fardeen Khan

8. Pooja Bhatt

9. Shraddha Kapoor

10. Shahid Kapoor

11. Abhay Deol

12. Tiger Shroff

13. Kangana Ranaut

14. Tripti Dimri

15. Urvashi Rautela

16. Nimrat Kaur

17. Janhvi Kapoor

18. Rihanna

19. Justin Bieber

20. Eva Mendes

21. Jessica Biel

22. Drew Barrymore

23. Bruce Willis

24. Jon Bon Jovi

25. Dakota Fanning

The Facts About A Pisces Woman

1. Pisces look like they are sweet and shy but they always have a wild side to them.

2. Their sexuality is fantasy-driven.

3. A Pisces woman focuses on making you happy.

4. Don’t say ‘It is what it is’ to a Pisces woman because they know there’s always more to the story.

5. Pisces love to be in love and to be loved.

6. The sensitivity of Pisces women is infectious.

7. Pisces women get destructive when left unhappy.

8. A Pisces woman will always care for her friends and will be around in the time of need for those whom she truly loves.

9. Unless you have cause major pain in a Pisces’ life, she won’t hate you. Hating someone is not their thing.

10. They are secretive and you can always trust them with your secrets.

11. Pisces women have beautiful minds as they are often lost in a fantasy world instead of getting caught in the reality of this corrupted world.

12. They are over-thinkers. It doesn’t matter how small a topic is, they’ll always overthink a situation.

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