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From Boyfriend To Husband – 9 Changes That Are All Too True!

From Boyfriend To Husband – 9 Changes That Are All Too True!

When your guy goes from being your boyfriend to your husband, there are obviously some natural changes that are bound to occur! Fortunately for you, these changes are definitely more positive than negative… Or so we think! Have a read and see if you agree!

1. He now expects you to be a little responsible too!

Something you might not take too well if you’ve been the one being pampered by him all this while. But now that you’re his wife and not his girlfriend, he will probably expect you to share the responsibility a little bit and take turns at being pampered!

2. He might not love all your chick flicks as much!

Because he will want as much control over the remote as you!

from boyfriend to husband 2


3. But coming home to you will seem like a much better option than going out drinking all night with the guys…

  1. A) Because now he has a person to chill with right at home!
  2. B) He doesn’t want to sleep on the couch… 😛

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4. He knows he has to admit defeat and just make up after a fight…

Because by now even he knows that the wife is always right – even when she’s not!

from boyfriend to husband 4

5. He’s really not as embarrassed anymore of running across and getting you your “period stuff”

Pads, tampons, whatever you need – he’s got your back. The chemist uncle doesn’t scare him anymore.


6. He comes to you for all sorts of advice…

As a boyfriend, there were things he prefered discussing with his friends first. But as a husband, you’re his first point of contact for anything. He comes to you with all things big and small – because, you know, you are his life partner!

from boyfriend to husband 6

7. He does get a little more possessive about his side of the bed, though…

Now that he gets to see, hug and kiss you anytime he wants and every day, his sleep definitely gets priority over midnight snuggles!

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8. He now has his own rapport with your family…

Your family now becomes his family. And he doesn’t need you to anchor his meetings with them! In fact, he probably shares a few more inside jokes with your siblings than you do.

from boyfriend to husband 8

9. His way of showing you love and affection actually boils down to the smaller things…

It’s not all about showing you how much he cares by bringing you flowers and chocolates anymore – although that stuff is nice too! But he shows you how much he loves you by doing smaller things and watching out for things that upset you. If you don’t like the wet towel on the bed, he’ll make sure he doesn’t keep it there. If you’ve had a tiring day, he’ll take the liberty to order in or even make you something. It is, after all, the small things that count!

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02 Aug 2016

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