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Dadi Ke Nushke: 5 Celebs Share Their Favourite Home Remedies

Dadi Ke Nushke: 5 Celebs Share Their Favourite Home Remedies

Is it just me, or are all grandmothers telling you life-changing nushke? These age-old beauty tips are passed down from one generation to another and they always stand the test of time. Looking at Sara Ali Khan’s recent post with her grandma, the iconic Sharmila Tagore, I realised that taking beauty cues from our grandmothers is a boss move.

Even the celebs have some DIY beauty remedies up their sleeves, all thanks to their grandmas and I have listed them down for you. If it’s good enough for these celebs, we definitely want in on them.

Tara Sutaria’s Yoghurt Honey Face Mask

The gorgeous actress revealed that she swears by her grandmother’s DIY face pack for glowing skin. The face pack is created with two tablespoons of yoghurt, one tablespoon of chickpea flour, a teaspoon of honey, and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. She mixes all the ingredients together and applies the paste on her skin for 15 minutes after which she rinses it off.

I have tried this wonderful DIY beauty recipe and it really does make the skin super soft and radiant. I always like to follow it up with a gentle face scrub like the SIXAM Glow Alt. Command. Slay. Exfoliator.


Yami Gautam’s Natural Lip Balm 

My lips are constantly chapped and dry, and Yami Gautam’s grandma’s lip balm hack is just what I needed. Yami uses ghee as a lip balm and it works wonders quite instantly.

I may not always be at home to access ghee for my chapped lips, that’s why I am going to carry around the SoulTree Calendula & Honey with Organic Ghee Lip Balm.

Aditi Rao Hydari’s Single Ingredient Hacks

Aditi relies on her grandmother’s home remedies for her skin and it’s pretty straightforward. The star uses  raw milk as a cleanser because it helps remove dirt and impurities. She also has a daily serving of ghee as her grandma said that it will keep her skin healthy.

Dipping a cotton ball in raw milk and swiping it on the face is the best way to use Yami’s Grandma’s hack. But since milk can be such a wonderful cleanser, I’m also adding the NIVEA Milk Delights Caring Rosewater Face Wash to my routine.


Priyanka Chopra’s DIY Hair Spa

Priyanka shared a home remedy for hair that was passed down by her grandma during the quarantine because she knew it was going to come in handy for many of us who couldn’t access salons at that time. She mixes two tablespoons of full fat yoghurt, one teaspoon honey, and one raw egg and applies it from root to tip. Keep it on for 30 mins and then wash your hair.

The star also revealed that one needs to rinse with shampoo twice to remove all the yoghurt from your hair fully but the results are lovely. She recommends conditioning the hair as usual after shampooing.

To help rinse out the hair mask thoroughly, I you can use the MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Cacao, Coconut & Coffee Shampoo.

Sara Ali Khan’s Classic Dadi Nuskhe

Bollywood’s gorgeous actress Sharmila Tagore has shared the most important piece of beauty advice with her granddaughter. Sara says her grandma’s tip of sleeping well and drinking lots of water is what she always tries to follow. And you should too!


To help me get some beauty sleep, I’m indulging in a aromatherapy sesh with Organic Harvest Lavender Essential Oil With Smart Min-E-Diffuser – Combo.

I am super impressed by the results of these celeb-favourite nushke shared with them by their grandparents.

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Mar 2023

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