5 Celebrity-Approved Gym Hairstyles That Will Stay In Place No Matter How Much You Sweat

Drishti kapadiaDrishti kapadia  |  Feb 25, 2021
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Whenever I look at workout videos on Instagram, I more often than not, check out how the women are wearing their hair. How does it manage to stay in place? Don’t they have to retie it after doing burpee after burpee? What hair tie are they using? I have a million questions. So, after sifting through many celebrity’s Instagram pages, I have managed to find five hairstyles that look like they don’t budge. 

These hairstyles are functional and look great, which gives me hope that one day when I finally muster up the courage to go to the gym (COVID-19 ya’ll), I will also be able to keep my hair out of the way, in place and looking decent! 

Here Are Some Celebrity- Approved Hairstyles To Copy The Next Time You Hit The Gym

Slicked back top knot


Have short hair and tired of retying it every single time? We hear you. Like supermodel Bella Hadid did, we recommend you throw it up in a slicked-back, high bun. Use some pomade to keep flyaways off your face and then twist your ponytail till it bunches up. Secure with an elastic and as many bobby pins as needed.

Side parted half bun


Deepika Padukone looks all sorts of all goals in this picture but shoutout to her bun that lasted through what looks like an intense workout of the day. After careful examination, we can deduce that the actor is making use of a giant claw clip to hold her hair up in a bun after fastening it in place with a hair tie. 

Bandana bun


Who needs a headband to keep your hair off your face when a bandana does a better job (and looks more stylish)? Take notes from reality TV star Khloe Kardashian who has paired a bright red, printed bandana with her high bun. FYI, this ‘do will also keep your sweat from running down your face!

Braided ponytail


If your braided skills are pro level, this hairstyle is for you! It looks so chic and edgy and ensures that there are no wisps or strands of hair that come in your face while you work out. To get the look, simply start braiding your hair from your crown till you reach your ears. Then, just pull all the rest back in a ponytail and secure it with a contrasting hair tie. 

Twin braids


This hairstyle gets our vote because of how it keeps the hair off your nape and neck and will not induce high ponytail or bun headaches. Khloe Kardashian is a workout enthusiast so you can always count on her to give you some serious inspo. To get the look, use a smoothening cream and part your hair in the middle. On one side, start by braiding your hair using small sections and pick up more as you go along. When you reach your nape, take the rest of your hair and braid it up. Repeat on the other side.  

Loved these hairstyles?! We can’t wait to try them all out too! 

Featured image: Pinterest