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5 Bollywood-Approved Lazy Girl Hairstyles That You Could Rock On Your Next Video Call

5 Bollywood-Approved Lazy Girl Hairstyles That You Could Rock On Your Next Video Call

Is it just me or is a quarantine bun the hair trend that’s taken over 2020. I feel like whenever my hair is tied up, it’s in a bun and not an attractive top knot at that. Well, it definitely goes with my look since I don’t step out of bed before 3 pm and basically change from one night suit to another. However, because of office video calls, there are days that I have to get out of bed, sit on a table, wear proper clothes and actually wash my hair. So on days when I’m feeling lazy (which is every day), here are some hairstyles I have stolen from these Bollywood celebs.

5 Celeb-Approved Hairstyles For Every Lazy Girl

Quick, easy, and glam- these haircuts are the shortcut to looking put together even when everything else is falling apart.

Easy Beachy Waves

Just like Janhvi Kapoor, beachy waves are surprisingly easy to rock- when your hair is wet, scrunch it up in a bun and tie a cotton tee shirt over it, don’t use a regular towel because it’ll just make your hair frizzy. Go about your work and leave your hair like that for an hour- open it and you’ll be blessed with beachy waves and loose curls. It’s heatless and requires close to no effort- win-win! You can later use a texturising spray to add volume and bounce to your locks.

Another simple way to get these effortless waves is to tie your hair into a tight braid, leave it on overnight. Wake up and open out your braid, gently comb through your hair and you’ll be left with the most gorgeous beachy waves.

A Back To School Hairdo That’s Super Cute

This half up and half down hair look always reminds me of being a little kid. Braid two front sections of your hair and pin them back and leave the rest of your hair straight. It looks like you’ve put in just enough effort without actually doing too much. It’s a super cute style if you ask me!

Bobby Pins To The Rescue

Hair accessories always elevate your look, especially if they are super funky like Ananya Panday’s. Keep your hair straight and simple and just part it to one side and put on bobby pins. They’ll go really well if you’ve given yourself a quarantine fringe too. Simple, quick, and effortless!

Messy Bun And Getting Things Done

Let’s be honest, a messy bun is the perfect lazy girl hairstyle. For the days when you haven’t washed your hair and still have to style your hair- a messy top knot bun works wonderfully. It looks chic and you don’t even have to spend two minutes on it. Remember to take out a few strands from the front section so that your hair doesn’t look too flat. If your hair feels too greasy or limp, use a little dry shampoo to bring back that volume.

When In Doubt- Accessorise!


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When you really can’t think of a hairstyle- we suggest rummaging through your scarves drawer or your headband collection and putting one on. Match it with your outfit or choose a contrasting colour and I’m telling you it’s a 30-second job to look fabulous.

If you’re using a scarf and not a headband all you’ve to do is place your scarf at the nape of your neck underneath your hair and tie the knot in front of your forehead. Then, gently turn your scarf until the knot is right behind your neck, hidden by your hair. Who said we can’t recreate European vacay vibes while still being indoors?

Are you ready to rock these looks on your next Zoom call?

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06 Sep 2020

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