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Hailey Bieber To Dua Lipa: 7 Celebrities Who Are Styling Their Hair With Pretty ’90s-Inspired Clips

Hailey Bieber To Dua Lipa: 7 Celebrities Who Are Styling Their Hair With Pretty ’90s-Inspired Clips

A lot of celebrities are styling their hair minimally these days—with an assemblage of multi-coloured clips, pins, and barrettes lining the front of their hair playfully. This trend is reminiscent of the way everyone accessorised their tresses back in the ’90s, and it’s the easiest way to add a little something to your aesthetic within seconds. Here are 7 celeb-approved ways to style your hair with clips.

Hailey Bieber

It’s official—bobby-pins aren’t just limited to their status of hairstyle-holding anymore. They’ve broken free, come out of hiding, and migrated to places where they’re not as inconspicuous anymore. These flower-encrusted ones are stunning, and they’re perfect for when you’re unmotivated to do too much with your hair. Just pull your hair back into a low-hanging bun, and pin the front with one of each on both sides.

Olivia Rodrigo

Good 4 U, Olivia. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter debuted a pigtail with a set of three clips placed on either sides of her head—notice how both sides feature different kinds of clips. There are no rules—really. Part your hair down the middle, and start braiding both chunks before securing the ends with hair-ties. Conclude with colourful hair-clips like Olivia—or add your own twist to the mix with less or more clips; same-coloured ones; or just one on each side.

Dua Lipa

Barrettes are back—courtesy of Dua Lipa. The Levitating singer has pinned her hair back with the prettiest jeweled barrettes. To emulate her aesthetic, a centre-part is a must, and you can curl the ends of your hair toward the inside just a little bit. You might also notice newer iterations of these ’90s must-have hair-slides spell out words instead of designs—go for what you like best.


Here’s a different kind of barrette as sported by BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The K-POP singer-cum-dancer has let her hair down, and used two pearl-encrusted barrettes on both sides of her head. You can position them toward the side instead of the top too, or slide in two on the same side, and leave the other side un-accessorised.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber’s all-consuming cascade of curls was one of the best ‘dos from the Met Gala 2022 look-book. She punctuated her curls with rhinestone-embellished barrettes clipped a little towards the back instead of the front—with a couple of shorter pieces of hair sprouting out, and grazing her forehead effortlessly.

Tate McRae

Friends don’t look at friends that way, but I look at Tate that way—because, wow. The Canadian singer-songwriter matches both sides of her poker-straight hair with pink and blue hair-clips, and they look stunning.

Madison Beer

It’s a fact that Madison Beer is stunning. She clips one pin to one side, and leaves the other side plain and un-accessorised. This flatters her waves, and plays up her hair just enough.

Which one was your favourite?

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Jun 2022

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