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Another Night Of Dal-Roti For Salman Khan; Bollywood Says Stay Strong!

Another Night Of Dal-Roti For Salman Khan; Bollywood Says Stay Strong!

Salman’s bail order has been reserved for Saturday, 10:30 AM. With this Salman will spend another night in jail. During the bail appeal, Salman’s sisters and Bodyguard Shera were present in court and brother Sohail Khan planned to fly from Mumbai to Jodhpur at 11:45 am.

Salman Khan has already spent a night in jail as prisoner number 106. The sources revealed that Salman slept restlessly on a rug, refused jail’s dal-roti and accepted Asaram’s offer of food (Asaram’s food comes from a nearby ashram). The Barack no. 2 he stayed in, is just a curtain away from the Asaram’s. While the court’s decision of giving Salman five years in jail sounds like justice to many, Bollywood doesn’t stop disagreeing. People close to Salman including Malaika Arora Khan, Daisy Shah and Sonakshi Sinha visited his home in Mumbai yesterday.


A lot of diplomatic bhai-giri is coming out through Bollywood tweets. However, is Bollywood’s argument on Twitter to protect Salman solely emotional or does it have to do with the fact that around Rs 1,000 crore are riding on bhai? That’s right, Bollywood will be losing a lot of money if Salman is jailed for five years. Honestly, Bollywood’s tweets at this point are not at all surprising, but the Judge’s point makes more sense. People look up to him, his fans look up to Salman so much that they forget he’s a criminal. Repentance and charity are great, but killing humans, endangered species, trying to escape the punishments, adamantly supporting and promoting someone who is allegedly a criminal (Suraj Pancholi) don’t sound like heroic decisions. But Bollywood has its own mind in such cases and here are some tweets from Bollywood that might make you want to boycott these geniuses for a moment.   

A million cases are pending and the guilty are free, we agree. However, when one culprit is finally being punished after 20 years, Bollywood, an industry that the world looks up to, doesn’t even want that to happen. We hope to see justice!


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05 Apr 2018
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