Celebrating 18 Years Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay With 18 WTF Moments From The Show!

Nidhi KavleNidhi Kavle  |  Oct 31, 2019
Celebrating 18 Years Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay With 18 WTF Moments From The Show!


Ekta Kapoor’s Kasautii Zindagii Kay was one of the longest-running Indian TV Series, it started in 2001 and aired for close to seven years. The show featured actors like Shweta Tiwari, Urvashi Dholakia, Ronit Roy and Czanne Khan, but, we know them better as Prerna, Anurag, Komolika and Mr. Bajaj! I don’t know about you but I’ve grown up with all the Komolika drama playing on my TV screen! Today marks the 18th anniversary of the show and Ekta Kapoor was as emotional as her fans. 


Ekta posted an emotional message on her Instagram account reminiscing over the success of the show. Here’s what she wrote:

The cast, too, quickly followed suit and shared how Kasautii shaped their journey as actors. Urvashi Dholakia aka Komolika wrote:

Now, amidst all the rona-dhona-ladna and jhagadna, and generation leaps, Kasautii had us glued to the television. Looking back, you would probably be judging your past self for watching the show. What you and I probably didn’t notice back in the day was just how absolutely ridiculous some of the situations were. 

18 Bizzare Things That Can Happen Only On Kasautii Zindagii Kay

1. Why was everyone ALWAYS so dressed up?

Every single day, even at home- the entire cast looked like they were getting married, why? How unrealistic was that? They even slept with makeup on, in neatly draped sarees. 

2. Death isn’t permanent, not on Kasautii at least

India Forum

Your favourite character died? Don’t worry. Death on Kasautii always means one thing — resurrection! Everyone who died Komolika, Anurag, Mr. Bajaj, all came back. Dear Ekta Kapoor, please give us this clock of immortality? 

3. Babuji is omnipresent

Remember babuji from the show? He never dies and he’s always there. Why, though?

4. The hair-flips, sound effects and the zoom-ins!

If I had a penny for every pointless hair-flip in every episode…Ugh! Somebody calls your name… *turns around and hair-flips for no apparent reason* Wasn’t it annoying how every dramatic moment had the camera panning in closeup to the actor’s face with that dh-dh-dh-dhhan sound? 

5. Komolika’s awful brown lipstick


Is it just me or did anyone else notice Komo’s horrendous brown glossy lips and lip liner? 

6. Aging? Not on Kasautii!

Has anybody noticed how nobody on the show ever ages? Even after 20 years?

To the cast of Kasautii,

I’d love to know your skincare regime.

Yours sincerely, a beauty enthusiast.

7. Anurag marries Komolika instead of Prerna


Seriously? Why were we even shocked? We should have seen that coming. 

8. An episode without blackmail and revenge?

How is it that every episode had somebody scheming and plotting against someone else? What started as a love story between Anurag and Prerna turned into a tale of revenge, blackmail and absolute gundagardi. 

9. There’s always a doppelganger

If you don’t have a doppelganger on Kasautii, you just pretend to be your own. That’s exactly what Prerna did. She plays her own doppelganger to frame Aparna. 

10. Komolika is a mass murderer

How is it that Komolika never faces any real consequences? Over the course of the show, she has tried to frame and kill everyone!

11. Everyone has had multiple marriages and multiple children (with each other)


Prerna, Komolika, Anurag and Mr. Bajaj have all been married a million times before. Has anybody been keeping count? 

12. Anurag seems to have questionable taste in women

Is it just me or does Anurag have a knack for picking the worst women? From Komo to the wife that tried to kill him, we’re totally judging his choices. 

13. Anurag seems invincible

From surviving being shot to being buried alive, Anurag seems to be pretty invincible. Is he secretly Captain America? 

14. Abandoned children

After Anurag refused to accept that Sneha was his daughter, she was raised by Mr Bajaj. That seemed to be a trend on the show, everybody had children with one another but the actual parents wouldn’t raise their own kids.

15. Prerna has a baby with her ex?


Yep, remember that? When Prerna (who was with Mr. Bajaj at the time) finds out that Sneha had a life-threatening disease and the only way to save her was to have another baby, of course, DUH. So she and Anurag decided to have another baby – by sleeping with each other. Like WTF?

16. Komolika kidnaps and kills Prerna’s child

Komo known for her villainous tendencies, kidnaps Prerna and Anurag’s child (who later comes back to the show as a villain?) 

17. Leaps and bounds

The show introduces time leaps whenever convenient, it’s like you’d sneeze and oops, sorry – you missed 10 years in Kasautii. Catch up, girl!

18. There’s no such thing as a happy coincidence

Sure, life is full of coincidences, but Kasautii was bursting with them. None of them were pleasant, of course.

What was your WTF moment while watching the show?

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