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Go Green Or Go Home: Celebrity-Inspired Green Eye Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Go Green Or Go Home: Celebrity-Inspired Green Eye Makeup Looks You Need To Try

When it comes to doing eye makeup, most of us are drawn to ‘simple’ looks that we can do in no time. It can be a stroke of a kohl liner, using a single eyeshadow shade on our lids adding some colour or black eyeliner on top of our lids because we are extra like that!

On the days we are feeling experimental, we switch our go-to black Kajal with a bright shade such as pink or blue or try our level best to do a half-assed smokey eye that ain’t fooling no one! Come on, you’re telling me that you haven’t tried to pass a bad blend of black and brown eyeshadow as smokey eyes? Liar!

Acing an eye look is one of the most challenging parts of doing makeup. Just the art of blending your shadows to perfection and doing a proper cut crease can take months of practise to perfect! But don’t worry, we’re to help teach you how using just one shade can take your look to another dimension!

Green Eyeshadow: Is This The Answer For Every Lazy Girl’s Makeup Dream

Green can be a tricky colour to pull off. Most of us don’t even consider this shade while doing eye makeup because we think it won’t look great on us. *hits buzzer* Wrong!

Green is such a stunning colour, especially on Indian skin tones. Keep reading to know how to use green eyeshadow to enhance your makeup, and we bet that by the end of this article, you’ll be dying to try this colour the next time you wear makeup 💚

Deepika Padukone // Emerald Hues

Remember this ‘eye’conic emerald eye makeup that Deepika pulled off at the Cannes red carpet in 2017? *chills*

This is such a stunning makeup look and honestly, quite easy to recreate too. If you look closely, her makeup artist did a fantastic job by dragging the shadow to create a green cat-eye shape and smoking it around the edges with a very light green shadow. All this perfection using just two shades of green!

Just put on two coats of mascara, pair with a nude lip and you will be red carpet-ready in no time.

Shay Mitchell // Underling With Green

When it comes to makeup trends, Shay ain’t shy! Apart from posting about her Lil peach (see what we did there?), her Instagram feed is filled with makeup looks that’ll suit our dusky tones perfectly.

We are in love with how she used a green eyeliner under her eyes and gave us a trend that we’ll be sporting all winter. Just add a nude (or no) colour on your lids and define your under eyes with a bold green line. Complete your look with faux lashes and your favourite nude lipstick.

Zendaya // Shimmer With Green

If you wish to use green on your lids, do it like Zendaya! We love how she has used a very light but sparkly shade on her lids that’s perfect for the party season (whenever that’s gonna be).

Use your finger to apply a single glitter shade on your lids (as most bushes fail to pick up glitter pigments properly). Add some drama with a cat-eye and a nude lipstick. If you’re all about partayyy, use a sparkling gloss instead.

Disha Patani // Mermaid Green

Disha’s metallic green eyes are givin’ me life! She is nailing her street style look by pairing her green eyes with a white tank top, chic updo and her larger than life square hoop earrings.

To create this simple look, apply a metallic green eyeshadow on your lids, wear falsies, and a nude lippie to complete the look. If you’re feeling bold, use a coral shade on your lips!

Lucy Hale // Green Madness

On fairer skin tones too, a green eyeshadow looks stunning. Either apply a stroke of green eyeliner or a colour blast on your lids–just like Lucy Hale. We love how she kept her makeup to a minimum and how her eyes are doing all the talking with that green shadow.

To nail it like Lucy, use a single shadow on your lids, up to your crease. Use another brush to buff it around the edges so it looks all smoked up. Using a defined brush, add the same shade on your lower lash line and you’re good to go.  A nude gloss works the best with this kind of makeup look.

Did we manage to change your mind about green? We hope so!

Featured Image: Instagram/YouTube

21 Jul 2020

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