5 Types Of Casual Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Sumona BoseSumona Bose  |  Dec 4, 2017
5 Types Of Casual Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Keeping your audience engaged and happy is key to a growing business. That is why major publications and e-commerce websites across the world use tools to know more about what their consumers are reading and shopping for. This, in turn, helps them service their readers and shoppers in a more fulfilling manner. And as India’s largest online community for women, we aspire to do the same. Our intel comes from an organic software called MOZ, a tool that gives us an idea of what you are looking for online. And right now our little MOZ bots say that you have been looking for casual dresses! Did we hit the right spot?

It’s easy to associate dresses with dressed-up attire after all that’s where it derives its name from. However, in reality, dresses are the simplest garment to slip in and out of. Majority of women tend to think about dresses only for occasion wear – fancy dinner or boozy brunch. But there are a few styles that can come in handy when you wish to replace your casual separates with a more breathable option.They also afford you a better alternative if you like travelling light as baggy jeans can take up too much space. Plus in terms of comfort and feminine style, a casual dress is sure to take you further than a pair of skinny jeans. From your regular shirt dress to a chic wrap dress, these are some of the casual dresses for women that deserve a wardrobe drawer of their own!

1. The Shirt Dress


Why you need it: How else are you going to get away with wearing a shirt with no pants? Shirt dresses are super comfy, trendy and don’t require any pre-musings on whether or not they will look good, they always do! How to style it? Wear its original silhouette or cinch the waist with a wide belt. Sneakers or a pair of strappy flats will give a good finishing touch to the ensemble.

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2. Off Duty Shift Dress


Why you need it: In a recent tête-à-tête with our founder and CEO Priyanka Gill, we asked what was her favourite style. With a sense of absolute clarity, she responded, “Shift Dresses!”. We can certainly see where she is coming from, the style has become synonymous with effortless chic and holds the distinction of being a wardrobe staple for many. How to style it? Make like Meghan and style yours with a cropped jacket or surf the 2017 top trend with a denim layer.

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3. Dainty Summer Dresses


Why you need it: If you have ever seen the show How I Met Your Mother, you would know that men love sundresses! These dainty summer dresses need more love from us and more frequently at that. Slide into one for a casual Sunday morning breakfast date and watch the compliments (and pancakes!) flow! How to style it? Try wearing it without a layer but it’s a bit nippy out, pair your sundress with a slim longline shrug.

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4. Basic Maxi Dresses


Why you need it: A constant presence in the fashion scene, maxi dresses are perfect for days when you wish to have a little more coverage but don’t wish to settle on jeans. How to style it? Basic maxi dresses are best left on their own, with accessories kept to a minimum. Do slide into a pair of snazzy high top sneakers though!

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5. A Wrap Dress


Why you need it: The unsung hero of feminine charm, the wrap dress is where you can show off that gorgeous womanly figure while being your old relaxed self. The style is not too mainstream and will give you an edge over other more popular styles. How to style it? Get your feet their spotlight moment in a wrap dress, slide into a pair of chunky loafers for an unapologetically 90s look!

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