9 Animated TV Shows & Cartoons That Will Take Every ‘90s Kid Down Memory Lane

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Nov 3, 2021
Animated Tv series and cartoons


Remember the good old days when we’d return from school only to switch on Cartoon Network and stay glued for hours? For ’90s kids, television was the greatest source of entertainment, and our childhood afternoons were spent watching some of the best animated TV shows and cartoons ever! Wanna reminisce those days again? We’ve compiled some of the best and the most popular animated TV shows that ’90s kids grew up watching. Get ready to be hit with some childhood nostalgia!    

The Powerpuff Girls


Watching Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup’s adventures as they fought crime and protected the world from evil forces was too much fun! There wasn’t a kid back then who wasn’t hooked to this amazing animated TV show. It had some feminist moments that you might have missed as a kid, but will definitely notice now. Wanna watch it once again and relive those days? Powerpuff Girls is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video!

Dexter’s Laboratory


It’s tough getting anything done when you have annoying siblings, right? Well, no one knows that better than Dexter, a genius boy who is always looking to invent something new in his secret science lab. The secret isn’t a very well-kept one as his sister Dee-Dee always finds a way to break into it and ends up foiling Dexter’s experiments. This was one cartoon that every ’90s kid loved watching!



While this cartoon series came out years ago, it is still relatable even today! The animated TV series follows a group of six fourth-graders and their adventures during the break or ‘recess’ in primary school.  

Courage The Cowardly Dog


A cowardly pink dog living with his masters in a desolate town isn’t the most exciting premise for a kid’s cartoon show. However, what made Courage The Cowardly Dog entertaining was that it was equal parts funny and genuinely spooky. Visited by shady evil characters that want to harm Courage (or ‘Sherdil’ as we knew him) and his family, he must put on a brave face to save the day with his only support being a talking computer. This animated Tv series made us believe that if Courage can face his fears, then we can too!

The Flintstones


This was one legendary cartoon that we couldn’t get enough of! Set in pre-historic times, this show portrayed two modern-day Stone Age families, the Flinstones and the Rubbles. There was never a dull moment while watching this animated TV series, and Fred and Barney’s comedic adventures never failed to make us laugh.

The Jetsons


While Flintstones was set in the stone age, The Jetsons was set in the distant future. George Jetson and his wife Jane and their two kids live in Orbit City, a futuristic paradise. Although the city is heavily automated, filled with new-age conveniences, and hi-tech electronics, something or the other keeps going wrong. Their misadventures give rise to hilarious scenarios that are unmissable!

Captain Planet


Captain Planet and The Planeteers was an environmentally-themed animated TV series that not only entertained us, but also taught us valuable lessons. Who would have thought an environmentalist superhero television series can be so riveting and can get kids hooked to watching it?

The Scooby Doo Show


This animated mystery TV series was an all-time favourite! It revolved around Scooby-Doo and his gang, The Mystery Inc, who set out to uncover mysteries that seem supernatural at first but are later revealed to have humans with menacing intent behind them. While this cartoon series is really old, its theme song remains memorable, even today!

Richie Rich


This cartoon series followed the adventures of Richie Rich, a child of extremely wealthy parents, as he gets involved in various adventures along with his friends and Dollar the Dog.

Tom & Jerry


Tom & Jerry was an epic series that most ’90s kids loved watching! It revolves around the rivalry between a cat and a mouse, and watching Jerry outsmart Tom and his devious ways was just so much fun.

These animated TV shows sure were a lot more fun than cartoons today are! Which one of these was your favourite?

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