Channel Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw With These 6 Tulle Dresses

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Nov 2, 2017
Channel Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw With These 6 Tulle Dresses

If there is one fashion icon who can carry off almost any outfit, it is Carrie Bradshaw! This headstrong fashionista has taught us everything about fashion. And why wouldn’t we believe her? She likes her money where she can see it – hanging in her closet. From high-end shoes to clothes from a vintage store, she can rock any look with her unique twist! So, we swore by the Manolo Blahniks and picked tulle dresses just for you. Belly up, ladies!

1. The signature tutu


This list will be incomplete without Carrie’s signature outfit from the series. We managed to find you something similar and umm, you’re welcome! You can wear this skirt with a solid white tank top and let your tresses loose for the ultimate Carrie Bradshaw look. Pair it with ballerinas and a red lipstick to look like a diva!

Price: ₹1160. Buy it here.

2. Little black surprise


You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Wear it for a casual day out with the girls, with white sneakers and a high ponytail or for a night out, with heels and a messy bun! Don’t forget the bright red lipstick to make heads turn!

Price: ₹960. Buy it here.

3. Grey’s promise


With greys like this, you will never want to experiment with any other colour. Wear this super pretty dress with ballerina flats and tie your hair up in a messy ponytail. All you will need is a bright pink lipstick to brighten things up!

Price: ₹5690. Buy it here.

4. Bling it, baby!


If Carrie would see this dress on you, she will probably hug you and tell you Mazel Tov! You can never go wrong with bling. Wear it with high heels or ankle length boots for the edgy vibe. Braid your hair for an emo-look or just leave them tresses loose for a  night out. Opt for subtle nude makeup for some perfect selfies!

Price: ₹1999. Buy it here.

5. Meshy mess!


We can never get over black which is why there’s always plenty of them on the list. Wear this pretty dress with casual sneakers in the day and sky-high pumps, just like Carrie, at night. You can leave your tresses loose and flip them like they’re watching (because they are)

Price: ₹1106. Buy it here.

6. Everyday is my birthday!


With a dress so pretty you’d want to head to a party everyday! Wear it with pretty nude stilettos and subtle make-up and you’re ready to stea the show! You can also wear this on your first date and kill him with kindness. You’re welcome!

Price: ₹9900. Buy it here.