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Scope Of B.Com Honours: 14 Career Options For Students After Graduation

Scope Of B.Com Honours: 14 Career Options For Students After Graduation

Dear girls, have you graduated with a B.Com (Honors) degree but have no idea what to do next? Read on to find a wide host of career options after Bcom Hons available to you that you can pick and choose from, based on your aptitude and interests. There is a wide scope of bcom honors which is also one of the many benefits of b.com honours so just relax!

Your Destiny Is Shaped According To Your Decisions, So Choose Wisely!

With a wide scope of bcom honours, there are multiple bcom honours jobs. While making career choices, you should always rely upon your skills and interests rather than what is expected by others or what is the conventional or safe choice. So here you go with the multiple choices, the ball is in your court now.

1. MBA

Thinking of what to do after bcom hons? Do an MBA course from a reputed college and earn a handsome salary when you are done with it. You can choose to do a specialised MBA with a focus on some particular subjects or choose to do a general MBA.

1 career options after Bcom Honors

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2. Law

Corporate, Taxation and Business Law sent your pulse racing during your B.Com (Honors) course? Just take the entrance exam (CLAT) and apply to law colleges to pursue the three-year LLB course. Hello Future Lawyer!

3. Consultancy

If you are looking to make something of yourself in the field of Finance and Analysis, then consultancy jobs are your true calling. Pursuing a 3 level CFA course along with your investment banking, portfolio/ investment management/ banking jobs would give you a great edge in your career path.

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4. Chartered Accountancy

One of the most suited options for B.Com (Honors) graduates is taking Chartered Accountancy or CPA exams, enabling them to bag jobs in the fields of taxation, audit or accountancy.

4 career options after Bcom Honors

5. Actuarial Sciences

You can get yourself registered with the Actuarial Sciences Society of India and take a set of 15 exams. Clearing those exams would allow you to chalk a bright career for yourself in public and private sector insurance companies.

P.S. A good score in Mathematics/Statistics is a prerequisite to apply.

6. Start Up

Working for a startup right after B.Com (Honors) would give you a great hands-on experience in various subjects that you studied during the three years of college. This is an excellent way to decide your ultimate career path, based on the diverse experiences gained by working at a startup.

7. Entrepreneurship

Driven to become the next Ambani or Tata? Fret not! Being a B.Com (Honors) graduate gives you just about the basic knowledge to start a venture of your own. The broad course work and subjects in B.Com, coupled with some crazy motivation is all you need to convert your eccentric idea into a full-fledged business.

7 career options after Bcom Honors

8. Marketing and Advertising Roles

Do you feel communication and persuasion are your strengths? Is your mind an atomic bomb packed with innovative ideas? Then a job profile of marketing, advertising and promotions is what you should totally go for!

9. Government Jobs

After graduating with a B.Com (Honors) degree, one also has the option of going for Government jobs by taking exams like the UPSC.

P.S. This requires a lot of dedication and hard work to get through but working for the Government surely has its perks.

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10. Company Secretary

You can take the C.S. exams after B.Com (Honors) and work in the regulatory compliance sector. Also, while C.S. is a professional course but it’s considered to be easier than cracking the C.A. exams which is a definite plus if that’s what you are looking for!

11. CFA

The scope of bcom honours is spread worldwide. This CFA program (Chartered Financial Analyst) is a professional course offered internationally by the American-based CFA institute. All you need is to have your B.com degree and clear Level 1 exam of CFA or the self-administered Standards of Practice Examination. The salary package offered to a CFA is between 3 lakh to 12 lakh per annum.

12. CMA

If management studies is what you want to pursue then the US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is what you should definitely think about. This certification awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) the USA is globally recognized and is the highest level of certification in management. It is a dream course for students interested in Accounting and Finance.

13. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

As compared to CFA, FRM is a more specific study where the focus is on risk management. Financial risk managers specialise in the fields of market risk calculation, trading, sales and calculating the earning capacity or success of the business. It is worthy and will be an advantageous skill reflecting in your CV. This is one of the best jobs after bcom hons.

14. Fashion

Have you come to realize that books and numbers ain’t your cup of tea? But you surely have an undying, undeniable crazy passionate love for fashion? That’s totally okay! Go for a course such as Luxury Brand Management after graduation and enter the world of fashion and designing. After all, it’s never too late for anything and your knowledge will definitely help you study revenues and brand management.

10 career options after Bcom Honors

The benefits of bcom honours is wide and you will have all these options to choose from. Just make sure to take a decision on the basis of your skills and aptitude.

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