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Career…Or Him? This Is A Must Watch For Every Modern Girl!

Career…Or Him? This Is A Must Watch For Every Modern Girl!

What happens when you have to pick between a lucrative career opportunity and settling down? Does marriage have to mean the end of all career aspirations for women? These are questions that are constantly debated in society and while women have the freedom to choose, they are often considered selfish for going for career growth. But the real question is – if a woman has the capability to really rise up the ranks does marriage end it for her? And then if there are tough choices to make does a woman become selfish if she pursues her career?


Answering all these questions and more is this intense video from a fashion brand, Anouk, which talks about a modern woman. Through the video, the brand highlights the message “bold is beautiful” and gives us an insight into the lives of a married couple. The woman has to decide if she should move to another city to pursue her career or stay with her husband and let go of her ambitions. And while the woman makes a choice, she is still a loving and caring spouse. Watch this video to see what her next move is…

* This is a sponsored post for Anouk.

23 Aug 2016

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